Actress Holland Taylor's Favorite Beauty Picks

Full of poise and a true lady, Holland Taylor is surely one of America’s beloved actresses. Ever since she lit the silver screen with her role as Professor Stromwell in Legally Blonde, this lovely ageless actress is a joy to watch and a spirit to admire.

Currently, she stars in Baby Mama which just rocked the box office a week ago.

What are some of her favorite beauty products? You’ll be surprised to find a lot of drugstore brands among them.

“I love Maybelline mascara, always,” she says. “The waterproof one. I’ve worn it for years. And also CoverGirl lipstick and Revlon lipstick in shade #413” ( that’s the ‘Twinkled Pink’ shade).

Other favorite picks include Prestige Lipstick Pencil color in “cameo.”

You can catch Holland always in one of television’s funniest shows, Two and a Half Men, where she plays mom to bad boy Charlie Sheen.

And that’s no cameo appearance!