Review: All About Tocca: Stella-Infused SPF 30 Towelettes, Solid Perfume, Cleopatra Rollerball

A few weeks ago, I attended a thoroughly informative session on Tocca’s latest fragrant launches at their New York City flagship store, in a beautifully decorated brick building near the Chelsea Art Museum.

As with everything that Tocca does, the store is nothing short of a dream. With handpainted wall paper to the sparkling chandelier, the space was alive with carefully cut scent bottles, rollerballs, candles and elegant furniture. If I could have rented some small quarters there, I would have. Below is a snapshot of one of their walls, neatly lined with candles and soaps and fragrances:

Tocca Flagship Store New York

At this event, we were fortunate to meet some key executives of Tocca and also the ladies at Givaudan, the largest fragrance and flavor creators in the world and the R&D wheels behind Tocca. Givaudan’s motto is, accurately, “engaging the senses,” and it was an afternoon where every sense was engaged — from the sight, smell, taste and soothing sounds.

We received a solid history lesson on fragrance during that afternoon, and we learned that the “heart” of a fragrance is truly where it’s at, and sniffed what seemed like every sensual note on the planet, from Australian sandalwood, Cedrat Oil, Patchouli Oil, Earl Grey Tea accord, a deliciously musky and decadent Tuberose from India, Ginger Oil, Grapefruit Oil, Guava to Benzoin Tears (a Vanillin concentrate). Many of these notes are pure essential oils, and Tocca took some time explaining to us how behind each fragrance is not only fine ingredients, but also a fine story:

Tocca Pages

Above, is a one of the storylines that led to the creation of the fragrance house’s best-selling perfume, the Cleopatra which features a smokey tuberose at its core. You can see how every thing is pulled into consideration for the most deep, eloquent story line — and how the ingredients are then considered in accordance.

To me, that is truly the the heart of Tocca: the line is so deep and so elegant, and every detail is painstakingly polished and considered, from the elegant orb-shaped bottles to the Love Yourself commandment written in cursive on the inside flap of every Tocca package.

The event also showcased some brand new launches: the rollerball perfume in Tocca’s best-selling Cleopatra (exclusive to Sephora, $20), and a portable, chic and convenient solid perfume (in several fragrance options, $30) that is perfect for layering.

Tocca Roller Ball in Cleopatra and Bianca Solid Perfume

Another must-have for the summer is the brand’s Stella-Infused Towelette pack with SPF 30 that should absolutely be the mainstay of your chic, travel routine. Introduced last year, the towelette has advanced in 2011, coming in a convenient SPF 30 Multipack.

The Stella scent will evoke everything ripe and Tuscan, from the blood-orange scent to the blood-orange and black packaging. The multipack contains a set of ten 7 x 8 inch towelettes and retails for $24.

Tocca SPF Wipes

Last but not least, did you know about the coolest, almost Audrey-chic way to do your laundry? Well, Tocca believes that “she shall have fragrance everywhere she goes,” right down to your delicates! Each elegantly patterned sachet is available in four fragrance options (Touch, Cleopatra, Stella, and Florence) and retails for $22.

Are you a Tocca gal? Which of the products above speak to you?

– Charu Suri