Angeline Jolie Pucker: Lipfusion's InFATuation Plumping Gloss

InFATuation Liquid Shine Multi-Action Lip Fattener puts fat in perhaps the only place you ever want it– your lips.

The formula uses Amplifat technology that promotes and stores lips’ own natural fatty acids on contact to give instant and long lasting lip plumping. That is what sets this product apart from many other lip plumpers: it not only plumps the lips on contact, but the Amplifat and the classic LipFusion technology plump, define and smooth your pout for the long haul.

lipfusion InFATuation lip gloss

In clinical trials, the technology increased the volume of lips within 28 days of daily application. Who knew your own fat could be turned into a beauty breakthrough and would save beauty mavens from the dreaded plastic surgeon’s needle? InFATuation comes in six luscious shades like Pucker Up, Full Frontal and my favorite, Sugar Rush. Flawless application is made easy with the precision brush that gives an incredible finish. It also combines the high impact shine of a lip gloss with the seamless full coverage of a traditional lipstick. The lip plumper (which debuts this month) will be available at Sephora, Ulta, Dillards and other retailers nationwide and compared to the cost of collagen injections, the $29 price tag is a recessionista’s dream.

Lip Fusion InFATuation After

I will admit that I am not someone who “needs” a lip plumper. While I am not in the Angelina Jolie division, genetics did me one favor and left me with a pretty killer kisser. However, for the record, InFATuation amplified my lips more than a loudspeaker at a Bon Jovi concert could. The lip plumper brought my pout up to Jolie standards, giving them definition.

A good rule of thumb: Apply a hint of concealer on your lips before smacking that gloss on. This trick helps me make sure that the color that shows up on your lips is the same color that you see in the tube. The playful baby pink color of Sugar Rush mixed with that tingly “I can feel it working” feel made it difficult for me to stop making kissy faces in the mirror long enough to write this review.