Which Is Better For Your Skin: Soap Or Body Wash - Review, Caswell Massey Black Onyx

Nothing gives a girl greater pleasure than sizing up new beauty products. Case in point (no pun intended),Caswell-Massey new Onyx’s soap. It’s a thing of black beauty, that is an oval study in black. It suds white, contrary to what you might think.

Caswell Massey Onyx Soap

The most expensive soap by Caswell-Massey, this one smells like an Atelier fragrance. It’s triple milled, slightly moisturizing, and scented with notes of vetivier, patchoulli and tobacco. In short, it definitely is not your average gal’s soap (we think it’s most definitely unisex). The cost is $20 for EACH bar, or $50 for a set of three. But well worth the indulgence because it’s like bathing yourself in designer fragrance.

In short, I’m obsessed.

Soap has had a recent resurrection of sorts, and fancified versions of your standard Dove Unscented have been offered by several brands. Soap does not transport easily, so it’s a perma stay in your bathtub. It also dissipates with a lot of water and the result is a puddle of soapy mess.

What I’m saying is that I’m really a shower gel kind of gal. Gels are not messy, they’re self-contained and they’re really long lasting. I’ve never met a shower gel I didn’t like.

But I will say that I’ve become really partial to the Casswell-Massey black soap because it doesn’t disappear like a Mission Impossible statement. And it’s truly classy.

Here are some other differences between the soap and shower gel:

a) Shower Gels are in general, less drying. During the winter months, we stock up on favorites like the Olay Creme Ribbons Moisturizing Body Wash or Dove’s Nutrium;

b) Shower Gels last a bit longer than soaps. The simple fact that water doesn’t dissolve them to bits is good enough for us;

c) Soaps make great travel companions for single use only; otherwise, I’d transport a shower gel any day.

d) Price-wise, there’s not really a comparison because it depends on how many ounces of shower gel you buy versus how fat or long-lasting a soap is. A soap like Purpose, for instance, can last a very long time. It all depends on how the soap is milled and its properties.

e) Both lather well, in our opinion. But soap size is greatly diminished when one lathers more.

We would LOVE to know: are you a soap or shower gel kind of gal? Tell us why in the comments section below.

– Charu Suri

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