Around the World in Organic Beauty, Part 2: Amala Beauty and Aubrey Organics

Not everyone fancies the idea of slathering synthetics and toxins on their skin. Well, I for one certainly don’t. Organic beauty is more than just a lifestyle choice — it’s a commitment to bettering your skin, yourself, and the planet.

A triple whammy!

We brought you the first part in our Organic Passport to Beauty series, and now, here’s part deux. In this edition of our Beauty Lear Jet, I make two stops: the first is to the good old land of Apple Pie. Yes, gals, this is where we found Aubrey Organics.

The manufacturing plant is located in Tampa, Florida, but Aubrey Hampton was born on an organic farm in Indiana. He founded the company that bears his name, Aubrey Organics, in 1967 with only two natural products: Relax-R-Bath and GPB Hair Conditioner. These days, there are over 200 natural herbal products available, and I had the pleasure of trying a few out.

Around the World in Organic Beauty, Part 2: Amala Beauty and Aubrey Organics

When my hair looks great, I feel great from the inside out! I love the Blue Chamomile Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner (around $9.98 each) for normal hair. It hydrates the hair follicle, brings shine and balance back to the roots with exotic, luxurious Blue Chamomile and Shea Butter. The shampoo is light yet intense, and leaves my hair clean without stripping it of moisture or shine. The conditioner is smooth and strengthening, and adds volume and manageability. Both products leave my hair smelling pure and natural. Don’t forget to add the finishing touches to your gorgeous tresses with Aubrey Organics NuStyle Organic Hairspray. Made with organic Quinoa Protein to reduce frizzing and enhance shine, as well as organic Gum Arabic and Rice Syrup to thicken and give extra control, your look will be naturally styled and the envy of all.

Around the World in Organic Beauty, Part 2: Amala Beauty and Aubrey Organics

I am also a big fan of the Natural Herbal Oil Balancing Moisturizer. This ultra light moisturizer is ideal for anyone with an oily complexion. It kisses the skin ever so smoothly, leaving a natural glow without clogging pores. With effective ingredients like Amino Acid Complex, Nettle and Goa Herb, and Organic Aloe Vera, it’s easy to understand this product definitely delivers. For only $13.48, you too can have a balanced, soft complexion.

Our next stop on the Beauty Lear Jet is Germany, with Amala skincare. Making its USA debut in April 2008, Amala means “most pure” in Sanskrit. Manufactured in Germany and certified by NaTrue, the European authority for organic cosmetic practices, the line was founded by Ute Leube. “When it comes to skincare, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice results for responsibility,” she says.

There are as many lines of Amala skincare as there are skin types: Rejuvenate is for mature skin, Hydrate is for restoring and sustaining the dry skin’s moisture, Soothe for delicate, reactive skin, Detoxify refined with Myrtle for deep cleansing, Purify to restore balance with the help of Blue Lotus, and Aroma Apothecary to promote healthy radiance from within.

My skin could not get enough of the Purifying and Hydrating cleansing lines. First, I started with a few dabs of the Purifying Gel Cleanser (50 ml, $30). Unclogging pores with Blue Lotus, White Clay and Green Tea, my skin was literally gleaming. Next, it was time to swipe a cotton pad across my face, infused with the Hydrating Toner (50 ml, $30). With a hint of jasmine, ale and sandalwood, my pores were tightened and restored, yet soft to the touch. Finally, I used the Purifying Moisturizer (30 ml, $68). It reduced excess oil with Blue Lotus, Sea Algae, and Tiger Grass, my skin was balanced and hydrated.

I completed my trip to Amala Beauty with the detoxifying body butter, (50 ml, $32). Made with the soft scent of Myrtle, Almond, and Sea Algae, my skin was evenly toned and conditioned to a point of no return. I was extremely pleased with these products. Not to mention the fact that 5% of profits are returned to the local communities where the plant ingredients are farmed and sold. Beautiful from the inside and outside? We love it!

Ladies, it’s time to return to everyday life. But how I do enjoy traveling around the world in search of organic beauty! Until next time, drop me a comment about your thoughts on organic beauty, and where you’re traveling to next.

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TessMarie Golcher