Avon Anew Launches Reversalist Line

A raisin in the sun and cranberries look beautiful with lines but they certainly don’t belong on your skin. Avon’s Anew line has another world first: the first product with Activinol. This ingredient is designed to reactivate the skin’s repair process and help reverse the look of wrinkles.

avon-Reversalist serum

The technology is simple: Avon studied how wrinkles were formed, and came to the conclusion that they are actually tiny injuries to the skin. When cuts are formed, Activin is naturally triggered to heal the rupture. Therefore it made sense to bottle this molecule into an anti-aging line — which is precisely what the Harry Potter-esque scientists did.

avon-reversalist night

There is both a Reversalist Renewal Serum ($39) and a Night Cream ($27) that work in tandem. For one, the serum is as light as coconut oil — it’s very layer friendly and complements the much richer Night Cream as well as Punch complements Judy. The serum actually has 5 times more Activinol than the Night Cream.

The results are almost as impressive as Brazil getting the Olympic bid in 2016. 75% felt like they had new skin overnight, and 100% saw an improvement in discolorations.

My skin reacted beautifully: it did not breakout but remained soft as satin. Most importantly my frown lines (I call them my World War I trenches) started to fade quite powerfully….in four days I had noticed a marked improvement.

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Charu Suri