Avon SpectraColor Lipstick Swatches

7 shades in one magic tube sounds like Ed Norton’s feats in The Illusionist. But trust Avon, a company I grow to love more each day, to achieve the impossible.

This little tube contains seven shades — from the palest, to the darkest — so you can not only stay in the same color family but interbreed as well. Here’s my tube in The Nudes:

Avon Spectracolor Lipstick The Nudes

Here’s the palest swatch:

And here’s the darkest:

Incredible isn’t it?

This lipstick uses the SpectraDial Technology and is formulated with Vitamins A,C,E. And it’s only $9.50 through Avon reps.

Like Jessica Biel in The Illusionist, I’m loving this lippie magic.

www.avon.com. Available June 2009.