Axe Haircare for Men Shampoo & Pomade Review

Axe has always been known for their “girl-approved” hair commercials, so I was delighted to review a few products from their collection. My husband put to the test the De-Poof Shampoo, the “All In One” Shampoo/ Conditioner, the Axe Clean Cut Pomade and the Axe Spiked Up Putty.

Axe Shampoo

I’ve always been a fan of my man’s hair (even if he washes it with soap), but he’s so hard to please that I wanted to get his candid thoughts on Axe. Here is the unvarnished truth on each of the products.

Axe De-Poof Shampoo: Honestly, I’d alternate between the two shampoos and I have been for a few weeks. The scents are really subtle yet not flowery and feminine. It washes out of your hair very quickly. The bottle is actually kinda of cool, just press a button and the lids open. It’s what I would call “shower friendly.”

A subtle difference between the De-Poof and All in One, the latter does have conditioner and leaves hair less dry and more soft. De-Poof is just your squeaky clean feeling.

Axe Pomade

Axe Clean-Cut Pomade: A little bit goes a long way, It’s a very stiff putty. You have to make sure your hair is wet otherwise it’s like dropping glue all over. It holds a hairstyle without looking like you have gobs of gel inside. It definitely does not do the wet look. It’s very good for styling without looking you have anything in your hair. It’s like Ryan Seacrest hair- doesn’t look like there’s anything there but you can mold the hair.

Axe Spiked-Up Putty: The putty is a much wetter consistency. This will actually create spikes and hold your hair. It will be obvious you have something in your hair.

The prices for these items are really reasonable: $4.84 for the shampoo and $5.74 for the pomade. The bottles last quite a while and your man’s hair will be soft and manageable to touch.

Axe is sold at Target and