Bacon Soap? Sweet Soaps Makes Goodies Beyond Fit for Swine

As I type this I am cringing. Bacon Soap was definitely not invented for a vegan gal like me, so I almost skipped out on testing Sweet Soaps. But then I checked out their web site which is full of the most ingenious, carefully crafted and delectable looking soaps I’ve seen from a small company and I was immediately hooked onto this company like a cat to catnip.

Bacon Heart Soap from Sweet Soaps

Valentine’s Day Heart-shaped Bacon Soap

This company compromises very little on its ingredients: all soaps are handcrafted in the USA and uses eco-friendly packaging so it can be a good steward of the Earth’s resources.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Inspired Soap

Check out some of the soaps I’m loving (a good, clean lather and non overpowering fragrance makes these stand out). I’m referring to them as the J.K. Rowling of soaps, that’s the end of it!

Crystal Ball Soap

This Crystal Ball Soap is Made out of Glycerin.

Stare at this crystal ball soap long enough and you’ll feel you’ve been to a seance.

Saints and Superbowl

Saints anyone? For the Superbowl this Sunday?

We think any of these would make excellent gift recommendations (and they’re all under $10), so hurry up and stock up at Sweet Soaps’ online store.