Bath & Body Works, C.O. Bigelow Holiday 2009

The Winter Naturals collection is a seasonal spa for you, brought to you by Bath & Body Works and CO Bigelow. Ginger Mentha, Winter Lemon and a crisp sparkle of Winter Petal are the three fragrant lines from this collaboration (note these are comforting versions of Bigelow’s signature ingredients).

ginger mentha co bigelow holiday 2009

The Ginger Mentha line combines ginger and peppermint to give your skin zing. This includes the Eau de Toilette ($29.50); Revitalizing Body Lotion ($16); 2 in 1 Bath Shower Foam ($14); Warming Body Scrub ($14); Lip Shine Shimmer ($7.50).

winter lemon co bigelow

The Winter Lemon collection blends citrus with notes of fig, blackcurrant and hints of musk, rose and sandalwood. Ho, ho ho! I do love my Vitamin C but the fig and blackcurrant notes made my heart leap like Rudolf. The collection includes Ead de Toilette ($29.50), Body Lotion ($16); 2 in 1 Bath & Shower Foam ($14); Body Butter ($19.50).

The Winter Petal Collection uses feminine florals, and combines perennials (perennials…do you hear?? I the midst of winter while the garden is dead, you need flowers on your skin to remind you of florals), peonies, seasonal fruit. The collection includes Eau de Toilette ($29.50), Body Lotion $16), 2 in 1 Bath & Shower Foam ($14).