Bath & Body Works: PS I Love You Fragrance

ps-i-love-you-bath & body works

A beautiful limited edition perfume that is bottled in what looks like an inkwell, PS I Love You by Bath & Body Works is a contemporary take on the eternal symbol of love: the rose.

The aim is to inspire a feminine yet modern fragrance, and the notes of velvet rose, pink peony, golden amber and exotic incense are blended with black roses, sparkling fruits and watery lychee.

Top Notes: Fresh citrus, peony, yellow rose accord, riesling vitessense

Middle Notes: Scarlet Velvet Rose, Orchid, Purple Lilies, Jasmine, Exotic Incense

Dry Notes: Creamy Sandalwood, Patchouli, Golden Amber, Musk

ps-i-love-you-bath & body works

PS I Love You comes in a Eau de Toilette ($26.50); Body Lotion ($10.50), Body Butter ($15), Shower Gel ($10.50), Creamy Body Wash ($10.50), Fragrance Mist ($12), Bubble Bath ($12), Body Cream ($12), Hand Cream ($10), and a limited edition Parfum.

ps-i-love-you-bath & body works

My take on this fragrance: it does smell very feminine with some edge to it. That’s probably the must and exotic incense I detect, and these notes helped the scent last a long time on my skin. The great thing about Bath & Body Works is the range of products allows for plenty of layering (shower with the gel first, put the lotion second, then apply the EDT to make the scent last forever and a day).

My husband definitely noticed the scent and I was happily mid way through my sunny day when I realized I could still smell the perfume. Which is a big plus considering most of the fragrance I try is merely a whisper by 3:00pm.

Get PS I Love You here.