Beauty Industry Insider Series: Stacy Mackler of Euro RSCG PR

We caught up with Stacy Mackler from EURO RSCG PR to get her perspective on the beauty industry, blogging and much more. Do you know Stacy? You might!

She focuses on 360-degree brand communications strategies and specializes in strategic reinvigoration of brands such as Cartier, Clinique, Gap, L’Oréal and Olay. As a brand adviser, Stacy works with CMOs and presidents at leading companies such as Scripps Digital and Meredith to develop new growth strategies, enhance their visibility and brand equity, and increase offerings across multiple platforms and throughout multiple business units.

Beauty Industry Insider Series: Stacy Mackler of Euro RSCG PR

BeautyStat: The average consumer sees a LOT of beauty product advertisements and endorsements from bloggers these days…what should she/ he be aware of ?

Stacy Mackler: “Credible bloggers” can be hard to identify. Usually, they aren’t the ones who rip a product to shreds nor are they they ones that can never find anything wrong with anything in the line. It’s a tough filter…and as PR people, we sway bloggers to endorse, positively, our products. Be aware of too much negativity or too much praise towards a company or product line. That doesn’t mean the blogger can’t really enjoy and embrace a specific product (or hate it for that matter) but it’s usually fairly obvious when they are going overboard.

BeautyStat: What products would you like to see on the market today but aren’t?

SM: Hyperpigmentation is a big thing…no doubt. And with challenges around Hydroquinone and potential harm, we need more products that work well to even skin tone without using products that may cause harm. Throughout my career, I’ve seen and promoted studies that uneven skin tone can affect apparent age even more than fine lines and wrinkles! Love to see someone have highly effective safe product to help remedy this!

BeautyStat: In your view, what have been some of the blockbuster technologies to hit the market in the past year?

SM: Ultimately, there’s only so much you can do with topical products. Sirtuins has been on the radar for some time now and efficacy there has been debated and I think we’ve seen success.

Latisse has also been an interesting thing to watch…hair growth of any kind a hot topic in beauty!

BeautyStat: What products have you developed and promoted? Any you’re particularly proud of you’d like to share?

When I was at Clinique, we launched Clinique Medical…a derm dispensed line of products that increased the efficacy and recovery of in-office procedures (eg laser, micro derm). Lynne Greene (President of Clinique) conceptualized and brought it to life. I have never seen anything like it and think the sheer notion of prepping skin appropriately both pre and post procedures is a no brainer. Not only are you enhancing the procedure but you’re supporting quicker healing.

Thank you, Stacy, for your expert insight into complex world of beauty! Stay tuned for more from this series.

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– By Charu Suri