Beauty Innovation - Vichy Aqualia Antiox Anti-Fatigue Eye Stick

This beauty contribution is from Risi-Leanne Baranja, editor-in-chief of Palacinka (pal-a-chink-ah) Beauty Blog

Vichy has created a little wonder that helps reduce eye puffiness and freshens the eye area – and is like carrying your own little bag of ice with you where ever you go!

Vichy has combined Citrus Plyphenol, a powerful anti-oxidant which works to combat stress in the skin (e.g. puffiness and dark circles), along with their classic Vichy thermal water in a solid eye treatment stick you simply swivel up and apply.

I used this many mornings and loved how it felt. Just a few swipes of this tiny stick and the smooth, light formula instantly cooled the area and began to tone and freshen my eyes. I found it very easy to apply concealer and other makeup on afterwards.
The cooling effect does wear off after about a few minutes or so, but this can be used for touch ups whenever the need arises, like after a long flight, day at the office or running around on the weekends. My eyes looked and felt fresher with regular use, and also felt really hydrated, so this is perfect for those of you also concerned with fine lines.
With it’s light packaging and small size (about 2 in” high), this became a very easy eye treatment go-to for me. Since a few swipes are all that’s needed for each application, this will last you several months, even with it being a mini stick.
With summer months upon us, this will also be the perfect companion to any at home cooling facial masque treatment, or after a workout, before stepping back out into scorching temps. – RLB

Note: Suitable for all skin types. Tested on sensitive eyes and contact lenses wearers.

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