Beauty & Style File: Deconstructing Katy Perry

Looking back to when a celebrity first emerges on the scene we almost always think to ourselves, “What were they thinking?” This is their point of finding their fashion self — what I like to call “fashion limbo.”

Once they find themselves, celebrities revamp their style as a reflection of who they are at that point in time. The retro and sexy Katy Perry is the perfect example of a celebrity who has found a style to fit her personality.

Breaking it down, Katy Perry is retro, chic and fabulous. How does that translate into her style pickings? Her main inspiration is from the 1940s, glamming it up with sequins and glitter.

I personally love her style because she is pushing boundaries without going to the extreme. She understands that being sexy is not about showing skin, but accepting your body and dressing for your body type.

Katy Perry is extremely conscious that she has an amazing body and is not afraid to show her curves.

Along with not being afraid to show her curves, she is also not afraid to be different – wearing bright colors that make her stand out or wearing geometric shapes. If there is one message that she sends it is “Wear it and own it.”

My personal favorite part of Katy’s look is her make-up and hair, after all make-up and hair are the best accessories! Her trademark make-up is thickly lined lash-lines that wing out slightly followed by a pair of lashes. This look is classic and commands immediate attention to her eyes.

Her pout is anything but under-stated, lined in a crimson red. A light pink blush is brushed on the apples of her cheeks over her flawless skin. Following with the 1940s theme Katy Perry’s hair is pin curled.

Lately, she has been playing with her bangs – sometimes they are a blunt cut and other times they are longer and rolled into a curl. This look is very popular around award season because it is glamorous.

And who does not want to be glamorous? This look is for the woman who wants to let her sultry side out – perfect for a date or a night out. Do not be afraid though you do not have to wait until sundown to wear this look. A modified version of it is perfect for the office. Since the make-up and hair add the drama I would suggest a thinner line on the eyes or a lighter lip. And just be conscience of how hip hugging that dress is.

The last thing you want is a dreadful meeting with your boss because your choice of clothing is too provocative.

Getting the look is pretty easy. First, find a dress that emphasizes the waist, producing an “hourglass” silhouette. You can get this look by wearing a pencil skirt with a shirt tucked into the skirt. Try a rose pink silk shirt and a dark gray skirt. If you are afraid of color, you can stick to a monochromatic scheme and add a colorful accessory. After you find the perfect ensemble, put some panty hose on and slip on stilettos.

Then accessorize with items that resemble things that interest you. I believe that elephants are good luck so I accessorize with a sequin studded elephant, Katy loves to accessorize with rings.

The final stage is make-up and hair – the precise line may look like a science but with the right tools it is effortless to achieve.

Begin with MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack, it is a gel based liner that aids in making an effortless line. For accurate precision, I use Claudio Riaz’s Angel Gel Liner Brush. Pop on some lashes to add drama. Strip lashes are easy to apply and can be found at your local drugstore.

It may take some practice but I am sure you will get it. Next apply your favorite foundation and powder to achieve a matte look. Keeping with the skin theme – brush a light pink on the apples of your cheeks, the perfect color is Nars’ Mata Hari (Ironic because Katy’s bangs sometimes resemble those of Mata Hari).

The finishing touch before hair is the pout: be daring and try Topshop’s lipstick in Daredevil. Moving onto hair, for me the simplest way to get the barreled curls is using hot rollers.

When I take the curlers out I twist the curls around my fingers individually, styling with hairspray. I do not have bangs but if you do you can blow them out blunt or part them in the middle sweeping them to each side.

With everything styled to perfection do a final once over…Now go out and own it!

Nicole Iannitti,

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