Natural Alternatives To Cosmetic, Plastic Surgery And Treatments: Best Tips For Younger, Healthier Face And Body Skin

After leaving Dr. Robert Grant’s “Embrace the Skin You’re In: Tips From An Industry Expert” seminar at The Sanctuary Hotel, I began thinking about all of the practical and useful things I had just heard and decided to do one of them. I decided to walk to my next event. Making that choice right there, not only saved me transportation money but also burned off some calories.

The seminar revolved around embracing who you are and thinking about things you can do for yourself in order to lead a healthier life. Although Dr. Grant is a Plastic-Surgeon-in-Chief for the combined Divisions of Plastic Surgery at NY Presbyterian Hospital Columbia University Medical Center and NY Presbyterian Hospital Weill Cornell Medical Center, the University Hospitals of Columbia and Cornell, he did not tell everyone to just go out and get plastic surgery to make them feel better about the way they looked.

In fact, he said “Botox is like our generation’s aspirin.” He believes that being your best is achieved through a gradual program of health, beauty and nutrition procedures rather than a radical makeover with limiting results. He absolutely can do cosmetic enhancements as he feels they can create significant changes on the outside, enabling one’s self confidence to radiate. Yet he also believes there are things we can do on our own to help us look and feel better.

So I share with you an abbreviated version of these helpful tips provided by Dr. Grant himself:

1. If you find yourself being envious of the lashes in the mascara ads don’t be fooled. 58% of cosmetic companies admit to digitally enhancing their model’s lashes as well as 42% admitting to using false eyelashes on their models along with their products. If you want longer lashes, consider Latisse. During a 16 week treatment period most patients reported thicker, darker and overall fuller lashes.

2. To reduce the appearance of scars and/or stretch marks, try massaging almond oil twice a week in the affected areas. Other essential oils to use are lavender, olive, cod liver, coconut or tea tree oil.

3. Easily shave off pounds by wearing the correct bra size and style. Up to 80% of American women are wearing the wrong size bra. Not only can this make you look heavier, but this can also cause you to have loose skin and back and shoulder pain. Get measured at your favorite store and invest a proper-fitting undergarment to instantly slim your figure.

4. Sit down and enjoy your meals. People who eat slowly eat less so try to sit for at least 20 minutes per meal.

5. It’s estimated that 80% – 90% of illness is caused by stress. Stress can decrease circulation and compromise our immune system. Consider aromatherapy. Our sense of smell is a powerful tool and by using a combination of mint, lavender, chamomile, rosemary and rose petals you’ll feel the stress slowly dissipate.

6. Gluten-Free is today’s popular diet but may not be as healthy as advertised. The only proven benefit are for those allergic (Celiac) or intolerant to Gluten. If approached incorrectly, a Gluten-Free diet can actually lead to a deficiency in iron, vitamin B12, vitamin D, magnesium, fiber and other essential nutrients. Consult a Doctor to be tested for Gluten sensitivity and to help create a proper nutritious diet.

7. Your skin needs extra hydration during the winter so hydrate both your body and your skin. Drink lots of water, tea and fruit juices and reach for water rich foods such as celery and cucumbers to help maintain a properly hydrated body.

8. Remember to wear SPF even if there is no sun actually shining outside. You still need to put on SPF and in order to get the full effect of your skincare regimen, first apply your moisturizer allowing the key ingredients to absorb then apply the sunscreen.

9. Sleeping on silk or satin pillowcases can reduce hair breakage and wrinkles. In addition to irritating the skin by waking up with wrinkled on your face, a cotton pillowcase draws away essential oils and moisture from your hair and skin as you sleep. Plus silk and satin sheets are warm in the winter yet cool in the summer.

10. January 1st is right around the corner and the number one New Year’s resolution is to lose weight. By getting 8 hours of sleep a night, you can take off a few extra pounds. Muscle mass can increase through proper rest and in turn promote faster weight loss!

Dr. Grant also said in a city like New York, as long as the weather permits, to walk as much as you can between your Holiday events. He noted that at the various events we may tend to overeat so it would be a smarter choice to walk to and/or from the events. Try to burn off calories rather than hailing a cab or taking the subway and as you read in the very first line of this article…I indeed did just that after his seminar.

Learn more about Dr. Grant by going to his site. Enjoy these healthy tips and happy holidays to all!

And if you’re traveling to the UK to have a treatment, consider having cosmetic surgery in Manchester.

Nicole Gordon Levine

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