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Beauty Trend: VOLUSPA Luxury Candles Review: Light Up A Little Piece Of Heaven With New Maison Jardin Collection

What’s in a candle? What makes them so relaxing, soothing and necessary for any at-home spa experience? They instantly add a touch of personal charm to any room, while filling your space with a delicious aroma of your favorite scents. If there is one candle brand we can’t help but notice every time we shop at any small boutique, Anthropologie or Urban Outfitters, it’s got to be VOLUSPA!

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With so many fragrances to check out, from Japanese Plum Blossom to the very luxe Suede Blanc, each specific fragrance comes in an array of sizes, like the the Classic Maison Candle or the tall and mysterious Ceramica Alta Candle. You’ll really have a hard time choosing between any and all of these fun and luxurious forms of candles that add a touch of luxe to everyday living.

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For a little backstory: VOLUSPA was first created in 1999 in the kitchen of Co-Founders Traci and Troy Arnsten. The two combined their skills of botany and engineering to develop the potently fragrant and clean-burning candle line that has now become a staple in the homes of Hollywood’s elite to the editorial pages of the fashion industry’s most respected magazines.

Beauty, Trend, VOLUSPA, Luxury, Candles, Review, Light, Up, A, Little, Piece, Of, Heaven, With, New, Maison, Jardin, Collection
Not only is their entire line of candles, diffusers and bodycare worth checking out, but VOLUSPA now introduces their NEW! VOLUSPA Maison Jardin Collection. Each phthalate-free fragrance is hand-crafted with a natural creamy coconut wax blend and 100% cotton wick to ensure a clean and long-lasting burn. The coconut wax is the first-of-its-kind to be used commercially. The coconut wax not only burns clean, but it works well with the perfume, so the notes are true and hold a high volume of fragrance. VOLUSPA Maison Jardin “comeback classics” include:

Amaranth & Jasmine: Soft petals of rare pink jasmine are presented with amaranth, essential oil-infused. Scent family: floral.

Sake Lemon Flower: Tart lemon rind-zested and shaken with chilled rice sake wine and rounded by light lemon flower and coconut husk. Scent family: citrus/fruity.

Yuzu Rose Stonecrop: Sun-ripened yuzu grapefruit delicately blends with Tuscan rose, stonecrop, lavender and white strawberry. Scent family: floral, citrus/fruity.

Linden & Dark Moss: An aromatic infusion of linden branch and linden leaf, blended with water moss and warm blond tabac. Scent family: green, aquatic.

To find your perfect candle, VOLUSPA has also JUST launched their very own e-commerce site,

You can purchase all reviewed and mentioned items using our site,!

Have you beauties tried lighting up one of these delicious VOLUSPA candles? Which scent is your fave?

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