Featured In New York Magazine The Cut - Are Diamonds In Beauty Products Beneficial To Skin? Featured In New York Magazine The Cut - Are Diamonds In Beauty Products Beneficial To Skin?

Happy Pre-Thanksgiving, beauties! Among so many other things, we’re especially thankful for being featured in today’s New York Magazine The Cut article, Do Diamonds In Beauty Products Actually Offer Any Benefits?

With diamond ingredients found in everything from serums, masks, BB creams, nail polish, and even shampoos on the market today, there’s one thing we gotta ask: Do they really work? Or is it all a marketing scheme.

Our very own Ron Robinson cleared up some “sparkly” misconceptions when it comes to how beneficial diamonds really are for our skin:

Here’s where you should be skeptical, though: Ron Robinson, a cosmetic chemist and the founder of BeautyStat, warned that it’s mostly marketing hype.

“There are other types of exfoliators that work just as well,” he said. “The manufacturers are spending more to put it in the product, and they’re then able to command a higher price for it.”

Ron also went on to justify that the promised “brightening” and “blurring” results that diamond ingredients can emulate on the skin are not always what they seem:

Optical diffusing is a big buzzword in beauty right now. “Brightening” products often contain ingredients like mica that sit on the surface of the skin and disguise fine lines and imperfections by reflecting light. You’ll often see this referred to as a “blurring” effect on packaging and in ad copy. When diamonds are finely crushed, they can definitely provide luminosity and brighten the skin, but “it’s not the best brightener that could be used in skincare,” Robinson said.

Go to to read the entire article and see which skincare items were put to the test!

*Photo Courtesy of Azature/NYMag

So, what do you beauties think? Are diamonds a girl’s best friend to skin too?

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