In LA Times - Are Expensive Skincare Products Worth The Price? Do Expensive Creams Really Work? In LA Times - Are Expensive Skincare Products Worth The Price? Do Expensive Creams Really Work?

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Would you pay over $125 for a skin cream/serum? Apparently, a lot of women are. BeautyStat‘s Ron Robinson was featured in The Los Angeles Times article talking about the prestigious skincare market and its higher-end (and higher price) facial products entitled, ‘A Pretty Penny For Prettier Skin’.

Women are leaning towards spending more money on skincare items rather than abrasive surgery in hopes of turning back the clock, but, are all of those exotic and allegedly expensive ingredients really beneficial to your skin? Ron Robinson had this to say:

Ron Robinson, a cosmetic chemist and research executive for some of the world’s best-known brands and founder of, said that dermatologist-approved and -recognized topical skin ingredients such as green tea extracts and peptides may have a proven track record and show up regularly in expensive creams, “but a lot of lower-priced skin-care creams provide a comparable result.”

“For some customers, it’s important to have a luxurious experience at the counter, the personalized consultation, to enjoy the whole mystique created around it. You go to a drugstore, and nobody is helping you there. But what it really should boil down to is, ‘What benefits is this providing my skin?'” Robinson says.

So, what makes these skincare products so darn expensive? Read the entire article HERE to find out more. Or go to

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