In LA Times: Diamonds, Gold, Gemstones In Skincare Beauty Products, 2013 Trend In LA Times: Diamonds, Gold, Gemstones In Skincare Beauty Products, 2013 Trend

Spas and beauty companies are capitalizing on the allure of jewels and precious metals, hoping to harness radiance and a feeling of indulgence by adding gold, gemstones or diamonds to their products.

“The purpose of diamonds in skin care is primarily for anti-aging. White diamond powder has very little therapeutic value,” says dermatological chemist Ben Kaminsky, founder and chief executive of B. Kamins skin care. “But it does have a physical value applied on skin that’s been damaged by sun or other lifestyle elements, in that it refracts and reflects light, making skin look younger, more glowing and radiant.”

Some other experts agree that diamonds may have light reflective properties that can make skin look younger and say that diamond-infused products might also work as exfoliants. But they are unlikely to have corrective properties unless teamed with proven anti-aging ingredients.

Cosmetic chemist Ron Robinson, founder of, says sapphires, rubies and crystals can also function as exfoliants and optically brighten the skin.

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