In The New York Times - Can Makeup Powders Resculpt Your Skin? In The New York Times - Can Makeup Powders Resculpt Your Skin?

Photo Courtesy of Tony Cenicola/The New York Times

Have you heard?’ s Ron Robinson was quoted yet again (last mentioned here in Makeup Expiration Dates) in The New York Times this week for their story entitled ‘Promises From The Powder Room.’

The article talks about how powder foundations, pressed powders and the like have revolutionized their formulations to provide age-defying, acne-fighting, light-reflecting and many more positive skincare benefits. Powders no longer give off that chalky, heavy look, nowadays, facial powder foundations are providing HD-worthy skin surface perfection and wrinkle-fighting ingredients.

But others say that the “poof, all gone” effects that these super-enhanced powders promise are basically stardust and mirrors.

“I’m increasingly skeptical with products that over-promise,” said Ron Robinson, a cosmetic chemist in Manhattan who specializes in the technology of cosmetic ingredients and is the founder of, which reviews new products. “Where’s the clinical testing that validates their claims?”

He continued, “The blurring component is true, but the other claims that it will reshape, sculpt and improve wrinkles are benefits few skin-care creams and serums designed to plump and firm the skin can offer.”

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