BeautyStat Community Reviews The Best Dandruff, Hair And Scalp Treatments

Flakes happen. Even to the best of us. So tell us, what do you do to treat and/or prevent “shoulder snow?” Shampoos? Hair Masks?,Scalp treatments? Humidifiers? Ponytails? Don’t be shy, now. Spill!

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Below are comments from the BeautyStat community.

Aprill Coleman Find a better shampoo one that is sulfate free

Shaunelle Roberson Phyto has awesome treatments and shampoos for scalp issues.

Kyle Kingsley-Scott I use avon dandruff shampoo and pyrithone zinc treatment. And drink lots of water.

Tammy Sides shampoos, I also use coconut oil mixed with a few drops of tea tree oil and leave on my head at least 30 minutes.

Bradley C Dixon It’s rare to have true “dandruff”,it’s usually dry scalp.Try Redkens new Intra Force scalp stimulate to exfoliate the scalp,follwed by the shampoo,toner,and scalp treatment and you’ll be amazed!

Garnier anti dandruff intense shampoo flakes hair allure magazine

Jessica Lynn I am curious to hear about everyones treatment options. I have only had to deal with dandruff once as a kid and I remember using Neutrogena Tgel. Worked in one use

Rebekah Medeiros Arbonne’s Itelligence Daily self-adjusting shampoo with tea tree oil is perfect for dandruff treatment, AND SAFE!

Skin Guru Drinking more water to rehydrate the skin is one of the biggest myths in skin care. You need water for normal body functions on a cellular level, however, the skin retains moisture capital through it’s barrier function which is created in the layers below what you see. This applies to the scalp as well. Treat the skin on the scalp with non stripping cleansers (I LOVE WEN), similar to how you would care for the skin on your face.

Skin Guru ‎@Tammy, that has been a remedy in my family for over 100 years- Coconut oil is a tremendous barrier booster- it is also great after too much sun exposure with two to three drops of pure rose or lavender oil- for their anti-inflammatory properties

Rachel Fillpot Coconut oil and Lavender Essential oil. I also switched to sulfate free hair products and everything cleared up. No itchy no flaky!!!!!!

Heather McDaniel normally, if my scalp is dry, it’s toward the front of my hair…so, hello bangs!

Wandy Morales coconut pomade!

Allure magazine december 2010 editorial dandruff anti garnier nutrisse

Shellie Brewer I have used all the expensive products like t-gel that is suppose to work non did I just switched to Loreal shampoo without the sulfates and is working wonders..

Charity Treat Dry scalp is usually caused from all the chemicals & bad stuff in shampoo! Switch to a natural cleanser & give your scalp a break from the toxins! What goes on your body also goes in your body! I really like Wen cleansing conditioner. 🙂

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So tell us, what is your go-to treatment to help with dandruff and other scalp concerns. Leave a comment below for a chance to win free beauty products.

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