BeautyStat Community Shares & Reviews Their Fave Hair Root Lifters

Do you use a root lifter in your hair? Which brand do you love? By all means, name names!

big hair root lifter beauty community reviews

Cindy Espenship-Taylor I have been using Kenra.. but recently tried the Full Thickening Root Lifter and love it!!

Michelle Sibio Verrastro Redken….

Cyndi Williams Big Sexy Hair

LisaMarie Santos Big Sexy! ♥

Diane Marinelli Nieves sally hershberger!, kim vo!!!

Bekki Boyd Guts by Redken…its a spray foam can’t keep it on our shelf at the salon

Amy Wanden Never usd one! Do they really work n how u use it?

Kierra Brown Big Sexy Root Pump

Kierra Brown ‎@Amy you spray it at the roots and massage it in

Kierra Brown and blow dry style you will get some good full volume

Amy Wanden Thanks kierra! Guna try it!

Amiee Germaine Cook Catwalk 🙂

Jaime Ritter It’s not technically a “root lifter”, but ojon’s rub out dry cleanser spray is amazing. The dry shampoo turns lifeless locks into pure love!

Kimberly Boland Johnston Redkin! 🙂

Chriistiina Kauffman i use sunsilk volume,but i dont really like it, so i switched to johnfreida(i forget wats it called tho). I also have a question, i always try to get a bump..and for somereason my hair will not tease it just falls flat!! Ive used bump it`s tons of hairspray and nothing work..any suggestions? THANKS!!

Cecelia Go Cardz Uriarte by far the best 1 for me has been the kenra root spray i absolutely LOVEEEE it 2nd would b the big sexy 1

Renee Drouin Fleischmann John Frieda Root Awakening

Ashley Kennedy big sexy hair all the waaaay!!

Sharon Haemmerle Cullen Rootful by Redken

Kim Toknowmeistoluvme WOW! Thanks Beauty Stat for todays question!!! very helpful! your page helps me keep up with the latest ” beauty” trends!

Amy C Biron I use mark. Mega Volume Root Lifting Spray with soothing Geranium!!! This stuff rocks get it at It’s only $6.00

Nicole Nolet Scardina I love Paul Mitchell’s volumizing spray

Erin Callahan Pureology

Cynthia Lynn Green Clark I just started using a root lifter…due to my new cut…and the stylist used Big Sexy…but I purchased Garnier Fructis

Sherri Lynn My stylist used Swartzkoph (sp?) Mattifying powder on my hair, it is awesome but hard to find in salons so I order from the internet. I have oily hair so it serves two purposes for me. There’s actually a few demonstration videos on youtube, (its so much easier than a bump it).

Teresa Marie Bebla What the heck is a root lifter?? people lift their roots? I have massive long thick curly hair, so my roots stay lifted. Woman go through so much to look like anything but themselves…

Kim Toknowmeistoluvme ‎@ Teresa Belba yes women who care about themselves go through alot to improve or add to themselves! it’s not about like looking like anyone else it’s about improvement to self! There is always room for improvement!!!! YOU SHOULD TRY IT:)

Cara Meadows Poludniak Paul Mitchell is awesome..I’ve used it for quite a long time. At Teresa:Some women aren’t blessed with long, thick, curly hair such as yourself. It’s not about looking like someone else, it’s about improving your own self image. So glad you are happy with yourself but I believe there is always room for improvement.

Rachele McKenzie Rusk Blo-Foam is good….Shiseido energizing essence – amazing! Today I am going to try Bracato

Renee Maudlin Farr I use big sexy hair. It seems to work pretty darn well.

Nerissa Joves Rucker Big sexy hair and I have a powder from aveda.

Mandy Gardner Living Proof

Sherri Lynn I’m a little confused Teresa, you sound as if you are “perfect” and don’t need or have any desire to improve anything about yourself so please enlighten me…why are you wasting your precious time posting on Beauty Stat?? Have nothing better to do?

Teresa Marie Bebla ‎@ Kim Toknowmeistoluvme: I take very good care of myself. But I tend to take the natural approach. But instead of focusing on the outer, I eat a healthy diet, exercise, and above all I care about myself enough to improve myself on different levels, like emotionally, spiritually, etc. It is all a matter of perspective… I have friends who, look like a completely different woman when they are finished with what they consider to be self improvement (make up routine), and at the end of the day when the make up is off…nothing really is improved…

Sherri Lynn Wow, still wasting your time on this beauty website (which is obviously not your thing) making pathetic attempts to belittle people, your very own friends no less! I thought people that lived “natural” lifestyles were supposed to be less j…
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Meg Martin-Clifton I like Aveda’s Hair Potion.It is Thickening, lifts my Roots, and helps my style stay longer because it gets rid of excess Oils!!! Love this stuff!!!!

Shaina Dunn Bedhead Queen for a Day!!! LOVE it!!!

Jan Crawford Henley Big Sexy Hair powder play and Paul Brown. The powder is my favorite!

Lori Clements Keune root volumizer. It rocks!

Lisa Inzillo Bumble and Bumble Thickening Spray is awesome for root lift…I use it myself and for clients! Don’t forget to hold hair up and a bit forward before trying to tease some volume at your roots..for those like me, with hair that’s not as thick anymore… it’s excellent!! I also like Aveda mattifying powder,( much like the Oscar Blandi powder/dry shampoo…it gives some volume and texture……. 🙂
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