BeautyStat Community Shares & Reviews Products That Did & Did Not Live Up To The Hype

Have you ever bought a beauty product based on the hype surrounding it? Did it live up to expectations? Or were you disappointed and not worth it?

Tonya Dickson Lee Yes I have the Urban Decay Primer Potion, and yes it did. Just bought the Naked Palette because of the hype the results are still out.
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Michele Elizabeth I purchased the Bare Minerals cosmetics and, yes, they lived up to my expectations and then some. Love their products.

Sarah Kavakich Yes, strivectin. The one they created for stretch marks & then marketed for wrinkles…. Not good.

Adrenna Shipman yes. I got the falsies mascara by maybelline. Jury is still out. Maybe cuz my lashes r short…

Leeka Angeletti Hair Milk by Carols Daughter- not impressed.

Adrian Kaplan Rosen I stay away from anything celebrity endorsed and over-hyped.

Jessica Lynn Olay Regenerist Night cream in the purple jar w the black top, claims to give u the look of a “mini lift” when u wake up every morn…SO TRUE!!!

Heidi Tomasi DeSisto Many times ….Maybelline Falsies mascara is one. The commercial promotes no falsies needed but they are all wearing them and the mascara definitely doesn’t work like that.

Melissa Bordelon Pretty much al of the oil of Olay regenerist that Ive purchased I LOVE!! I bout some granier eye cream..waisted my money..should have spent a little more and bought the olay since “duh” I love all of their other products!!

Nanci Alderman Tried Creme de la Mer based on the hype and a friend swearing by it. Totally disappointed.

Monica Guerra nads! ended up nibbling on it.

Shannon Carter I bought the Smashbox photo finish primer and was highly disappointed in it…not only did it make me greasy looking, it broke me out like CRAZY!!! It definetly did not live up to the hype!! Ive found that Too Faced Primed & Poreless is much much better

Jessica Lynn Has anyone tried the loreal primer?

Shannon Carter yes Jessica I have and I didn’t care for it either!! It broke me out! I gave it to my mom just like I did the smashbox! Haha! Rimmels fix & perfect is great too and it’s SO cheap!!

Jessica Lynn Which is best w no breakouts?

Heather Van Dam anything I’ve ever purchased from Rimmel or Lorac has been a huge disappointment

Shannon Carter I would say definitely the primed & poreless from too faced…or if you want a cheaper alt….get the rimmel!! ZERO breakouts with either of those 🙂

Heather Van Dam MAC Studio Fix is still the best for me. Blotchy to flawless in one thin layer

Holly Ann Mesa No, I have always tried things many have not used of have heard of not for any reason other then I was allergic to most brands but I like to explore new items and play……. bc I feel even the small brands of Beauty have hidden treasures…..smiles….

Tatiana Saracho I have gone through 2 eye firming creams by garnier and I have not seen a change yet! I am tired of trying creams that have no visible results for me. Any suggestions for firming eye cream that diminishes fine lines/wrinkles?

So tell us, have you ever bought a beauty product based on the hype surrounding it? Did it live up to expectations? Or were you disappointed? Leave a comment below for a chance to win free beauty products.

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