BeautyStat Universal C Eye Perfector

Why You Need to Start Using Universal C Eye Perfector Cream NOW: A Review

BeautyStat Universal C Eye Perfector

Guys… my eyes have never looked better. For reals.

It’s possible I just found a magic potion. Never have I ever bought an eye cream that makes me look this stinkin’ good.

Introducing Beauty Stat Universal C Eye Perfector with oil.

Yes, it’s “that” oil. From hemp. From cannabis. And no, it will not get your eyes or any other part of you high. But you might feel a natural buzz when all the people start telling you how fresh, awake, and bright-eyed you look.

Oil = The New “It” Ingredient

(Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil and Cannabis Sativa Flower/Leaf Stem Extract) is derived from the lush, natural green plant hemp. Topical skincare products infused with these extracts support in the minimization of the appearance of skin damage by calming and rejuvenating stressed-out skin.

It’s a powerful, natural anti-inflammatory as well as an effective hydration tool. This multi-faceted ingredient works with all skin types, and it has been shown to be especially useful on dry, inflamed, red, dehydrated and sensitive skin.

Rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, oil actually reduces the skin’s reactivity, especially calming and soothing the delicate, tender skin around the eyes.

I have to say, when I first heard about as an ingredient in everything from chewing gum to cold medicine, it made me think this whole cannabis craze was an overblown fad. After trying Beauty Stat Universal C Eye Perfector cream, and using it for these last six weeks, my mind has been changed. Consider me a fan.

But Wait… There’s More. A Dynamic Duo

Vitamin C, or L-Ascorbic Acid, sits firmly in the brand heritage of BeautyStat. So, is this hot new kid in town going to eclipse a warrior of an ingredient that helped them build their good name? What’s it going to be, Oil or Vitamin C?

As the meme says, “Why not both?”

BeautyStat’s new eye perfector cream is combines patented 5% pure stable Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic acid) and . This revolutionary pairing delivers results! Before I tell you about that, though, let me say that this velvety cream with its air-light texture glides on gently, never pulling the delicate skin around the eye. That would have been a non-starter. I worry about future wrinkles. No need for this formulation. It’s possible to be as gentle as a kitten when applying it.

For me, the application immediately hydrated and soothed my eye area, balancing and calming my skin. From the first use, I noticed a brightening and a lift of any hint of undereye bags. I felt I looked younger.

Company information told me that Vitamin C brightens, softens lines, fades dark circles and diminishes puffiness, while provides the strongest anti-inflammatory protection fighting pollution, irritation and minimizing redness.

According to Ron Robinson, a company founder, and veteran cosmetic chemist, Vitamin C has anti-inflammatory capabilities and works synergistically with to soothe, calm and desensitize skin while delivering strong anti-aging protection. It has even shown results around the prevention of wrinkles and reversal of signs of aging.

The C + the ride together to brighten and lighten the eye area, firm and lift, repair fine lines and prevent wrinkles, diminish reactive inflammation, plus calm and soothe.

What Else Is in There, You Ask?

Beauty Stat Universal C Eye Perfector also includes hyaluronic acid (HLA), a proven moisture-activator found in many top-shelf skincare products, and 98% pure green tea extract (EGOG), an antioxidant that helps fend off damaging free radicals and air pollution.

(Side note: BeautyStat also uses hyaluronic acid in its Universal Pro-Bio Moisture Boost Cream, a moisturizer that promises to super-hydrate, soothe and repair your complexion. I use Pro-Bio daily because it delivers on those promises. Maybe it’s the HLA, maybe it’s the whole formula… all I know is it makes my skin radiant and bouncy).

BeautyStat says its mission is to discover and source the best ingredients for optimal skincare, develop their products with the best cruelty-free technology, and package them in the best delivery systems to ensure high-performance creams, serums, lotions and gels.

Let Me Tell You How I Use It…

I use the whole BeautyStat Universal Collection as a range. The brand has proven to me that the different preparations work like they’re supposed to, and they never mess with my sensitive skin.

In the morning, and at night, I apply Universal C Skin Refiner on my clean skin. I follow that with Universal Pro-Bio Moisture Boost Cream, then gently tap on Universal C Eye Protector around my eyes. I’ve noticed my eye makeup lasts longer without smearing or running.

Of course, you can also just use the Eye Protector morning and night and it will still offer big benefits. But I like the whole suite.

There you have it. If you were wondering about , hemp and cannabis, I can’t speak to any of the rumors and gossip about altering your mind, but I can tell you: BeautyStat Universal C Eye Protector will alter the look of your eyes for the better.