(Before/After) A Haircut and Tips from Yves Durif: Celebrity Hairstylist at the Carlyle Hotel

Last week, I had the good fortune to get my locks sheared by the famous Yves Durif, who has a salon at the sleek, shiny Carlyle Hotel in New York City.

Getting a haircut at the Carlyle was a first for me, and the entire experience, from the time I stepped into the waiting room where there was fresh and dried fruit to juices, did not disappoint. I also loved the fact that Yves used products from the Phyto haircare line because this line is gentle, effective and completely plant based.

Before haircut

I really wanted to get bangs (maybe in part because I saw Katy Perry perform a week earlier), and partially because I was somehow convinced that my forehead was too big and in need of bangs. Yves is a master of face shapes and hair textures. He took one look at my hair’s middle parting and decided that bangs were definitely not for me because if I did get bangs, they would end up wispy and all over the place, not straight and perfectly fringed. “It would be ineffective,” he said.

After the aromatherapy treatment with Phyto’s Phytopolleine and shampoo/ conditioner

With Lola

He really advises that you study your face shape. Is it square, round, oval (oval is the ideal shape for many haircuts)? Will your short haircut be the right short haircut? That’s the key. And everyone needs to get their hands on the famous Yves Durif comb, stat.

Yves really encourages people to work with their own natural hair’s texture, at all costs. Every haircut and decision is made with the focus on enhancing one’s own attributes. For my hair Yves was all about using layers while creating a flattering yet manageable style.

Props to Lola, Yves’ assistant, who gave me an aromatherapy treatment with the Phytopolleine Universal Elixer (a scalp stimulant). Its strong eucalyptus and lemon oils really help awaken you. After a thorough shampoo and conditioning treatment with lukewarm (almost cool) water, I had my hair cut and styled by Yves, and here is the result.

What do you think? I’m loving the layers and the easy swing and bounce. It’s really easy to manage when it comes to the shampoo/ blow dry element too.

Charu After

With Yves Durif after the cut

A closer look at the after: loving the way the hair curls at the end

A good haircut is everything. Apart from your outfit and your skin, people notice the hair on first glance. If you like Yves tips above, you’ll love his blog. It’s all about his appearances, events and tips.

So, I’m dying to know, have you had a haircut that’s been life changing? Drop a comment below and let me know how that worked out for you.

To make an appointment with Yves, call 212 452 0954.

Charu Suri

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Phytopolleine Universal Elixer – Scalp StimulantPhytopolleine Universal Elixer – Scalp Stimulant