Review: Best Waist Whittler: Mama Mio Skincare "Get Waisted" Body Shaper

We’ve covered the brand Mama Mio before, but our ears (and hips) perked up when we came to know about a cool product (and one that’s at least a few years old) that promises to reduce your waistline size.

Yes, you heard me — reduce your waistline size. The Get Waisted Body Shaper Rehab for Abs aims to shrink your fat cells so you can get sleek — fast. While the entire concept seemed like a “too good to be true” kind of deal (think Nip, Tuck), I was eager to put it to the test because I’ve always been curvy. Spot reduction can’t be done, they said, and I would be resigned to go to the gym, doing endless hours on the bike, hoping for at least half an inch to melt away.

We’ve all been there, right?

Mama Mio Rehab for Abs Get Waisted Body Shaper

And before I give you an evaluation of this product, let it be said that Get Waisted is not a Get Out of Jail Free pass that allows you to head straight to Dunkin’ Donuts. Use responsibly!

Mama Mio Rehab for Abs Get Waisted Body Shaper

The ingredients, including Phyco R75 (derived from Brown Algae and stimulating natural adrenaline to increase lipolysis) aim to show a drop in jeans size. Other ingredients include Caffeine (to improve micro circulation), Areaumat Samphira (extract of rock samphire), and Hydrolysed Wheat Protein for tightening action.

The directions instruct you to massage 1-2 pumps for 30 seconds using clockwise strokes, from below the boobs to where ever you need some TLC. As for the verdict, this is $56 well spent. In a week, my hips felt firmer and that my waistline was really melting, as the Wicked Witch of the West would have said. Get yours at

To read about their high-protein face care line, click here. What waist whittlers do you use, if any?

Charu Suri

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