Biore New Steam Activated Cleanser and Makeup Removing Towelettes

Last night, I attended an unveiling of two new products from one of my favorite cleansing brands: Biore. The new Steam Activated Cleanser aims to harness the pore-opening properties of steam in your shower, and the makeup removing towelettes is a great addition to your pocketbook and your eternal quest and zeal for picture purrfect skin.

Biore Steam Activated Cleanser Event

(Sabrina from AOL, myself, and PJ Gach from BettyConfidential)

Honestly, I was thrilled to hear about the steam activated cleanser. I always clean my face in the shower (and according to Biore, about 60% of Americans love to, as well). The steam cleanser is oil free and contain tiny SteamActif beads. The aim is to – naturally – dissolve all your makeup, oil and make your skin cleaner and more radiant than the Swarovski crystal.

Biore Steam Activated Cleanser and Makeup Removing Towelettes

Well, I tried this steam activated cleanser immediately when I got home, and my skin indeed felt super clean without feeling too taut. I also loved the cool mint extract in the product (no terrible tingling – just a zingling feeling). It also has Green Tea extract which, as you obviously know, has antioxidant properties. I’m kind of married to it already!

Now, the other product is already the love of my life. I’ve never been obsessed with any makeup removing towelette, mostly because it rarely is able to remove the layers of eye makeup that I religiously wear each morning (think two coats of Rimmel or Maybelline mascara over a layer of primer, an eyeliner and eye shadow to boot). But these Makeup Removing Towlettes really do the job, and studies have proven they don’t really leave a nasty residue on your skin like some other brands. Take a look at the before and after (after just two swipes):

Best of all, the towelettes are made from 100% renewable resources, like cotton, but they are tough enough to even catch a kitten if you were to make a trampoline out of them.

The event, called ‘Party in the Shower’ was a lot of fun, and I got to catch up with some of my fave peeps and see some of the cool lighting in the studio (the chandelier icon is all just an optical illusion).

Biore party in the shower event

But the Biore products are no mirage – they definitely work, so check them out in your drugstores or online right now!