Bliss Best of Skintentions: Iffy Moisturizer

I’m usually a big fan of everything that Bliss makes, from their Fat Girl Slim to their 20-in-1 Use Wonder Balm. But their new moisturizer, “Best of Skintentions” really didn’t sit well with my skin.

For one thing, it really burned (which is strange, considering that I have dark skin that’s as tough as a cactus plant and hardly sensitive to anything). The second point? The moisturizer didn’t seep through my skin immediately and I ended up with what looked like a white face mask for a minute or two.

This is what the moisturizer claims to do:

-Protects the skin with SPF 15 for UVB (burning) protection
– Instantly illuminat the skin with phytonutrients
– Deliver vitamins, minerals and omegas to promote healthy skin

Chances are that the stinging reaction on my skin was because of the phytonutrients? Who knows. I really wish this product would have worked on my skin because the description sounds….oh so cool.