Cardio Sculpt with LA’s Hottest Trainer: Stephanie Vitorino’s Body Target 60

Stephanie Vitorino kicked my butt. Okay, she didn’t literally beat me. But she did make me want to pass out on the couch and never do squats again. I tried out Stephanie Vitorino’s Body Target 60 DVD with no set expectations. Was it going to be as lame as Kim Kardashian’s workout video, or cheesy like Carmen Electra’s stripper-aerobics tape circa 2002? Either way, I could tell from the DVD cover that you could freeze ice on Stephanie’s abs, so I decided to give it a shot.

Stephanie’s workout is a squat-heavy butt-kicker that is sure to have you feeling sore in the morning. The first part is a 30 minute full-body workout that combines cardio and strength training. It works with or without weights, but you can guarantee that it will be challenging either way. Stephanie is first to admit her workout is a tough one. “I’m dripping with sweat!” she tells the viewer. But her motivational tone is uplifting, even if you may want to scream at the television every time she says “Okay, now we have to do that all on the other side.”

If you’re looking for more work after the first 30 minutes, Stephanie divides the remaining hour into 10 minute section devoted to working the arms, core, and butt. You can do all or none at all, but no matter what, you will manage to find the process easier after the first try. I’ve been using her DVD consistently for a few weeks, and despite wanting to jump off a cliff after the first round, I’ve enjoyed the ass-kicking on a regular basis.

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Megan Sarah Johnson

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