Caress to Impress: Caress Evenly Gorgeous Collection

When summertime hits, women take the town by storm with radiant skin reminiscent of Greek goddesses and movie stars. But if you weren’t born with glowing gams or bronzed biceps, it can be rather difficult to achieve even-looking skin. Sure, makeup clears up splotchy skin on the face, but who’s going to apply concealer to their legs?

Caress Evenly Gorgeous

Caress’ new Evenly Gorgeous Collection is dedicated to giving women polished, exfoliated skin that makes you feel as if you’ve just had a full body facial. An even skin tone is ideal for the summer heat when skin-baring clothes takes precedence over wooly sweaters and work pants. We’ve sampled the body wash and body bar, and found each of them to have a luscious vanilla and brown sugar scent that’s almost good enough to eat. While it’s important to remember this isn’t a tanning product, sufficient exfoliation is vital if you’re intended to apply self tanner.

Caress’ Evenly Gorgeous Collection is the perfect pre-tanning treatment. And since it’s available at drugstores nation-wide, the price point is perfect for ladies on a budget. The exfoliating body wash is $6.99 and the bath bar is $7.99.