Cargo Cosmetics Holiday 2009

Cargo bears gifts for the holiday season in three flavorful varieties: Hands of Hope Collection, Mediterranean Nights, and the Eastern Eye Pencil Collections.

hands-of-hope-collection-cargo holiday 2009

The Hands of Hope Collection ($29) comes in a luxurious embossed gift box with nine eye shadows that are brighter than your holiday lights. Each box bears the Hamsa hand insignia (this is a symbol of peace, love prosperity).Treat your lids to the jewel-like colors:

– Vibrant Purple
– Fern Green
– Frosted Cool Brown
– Nude Pink
– Midnight Blue
– Gold
– Aqua
– Warm Reddish Brown
– Gunmetal Grey

The Mediterranean Nights Collection ($34) gives you the opportunity to look red hot while you’re freezing your behind off. This collection is inspired by the warmth and beauty of the Mediterranean evenings, with glamorously embossed powders. The collection includes:

mediterranean-nights-collection-cargo holiday 2009

– Eyeshadow in Shimmering Brown
– Eyeshadow in Golden Green
– Eyeshadow in Rich Gold
– Eyeshadow in Gold Shimmer Pink
– Blush in The Big Easy (sheer pink with gold and red grapefruit undertones)
– Blush in Rome (soft tangerine)

The Eastern Eye Pencil Collection ($18) comes in a Cigarette style case (small real estate means easy packing for travel).

eastern-eye-pencil-collection-cargo holiday 2009

This collection consists of five mini eye pencils embossed with Eastern style motifs. Each pencil has a rich and velvety texture not unlike your favorite piece of silk. The colors include:

– Exotic Eggplant
– Sparkling Green Tea
– Midnight Blue
– Tarnished Silver
– Burnished Olive

This collection can be purchased now at (don’t wait lest Santa beats you to them).