Celeb Beauty Lifestyle View: Is Miley Cyrus Sending Teens the Right Message?

Miley Cyrus has already explained that she “can’t be tamed,” but is she going too far to prove that she isn’t a little girl anymore?

At 17 years old, when many kids are still in high school, Cyrus is on the big screen, the small screen and on the radio. She has built an empire for herself and her alter ego Hanna Montana, the character she plays on the Disney Channel show of the same name. Cyrus literally grew up in front of our eyes from a young girl and more recently has been showcasing a more “grown up” persona. A recent New York Times article gages Cyrus’ young fans reactions to her new look.

Last month Cyrus’ post-adolescent anthem and music video, “Can’t Be Tamed,” was released to the masses and the criticism was soon to follow. The public had a lot to say, including Cyrus’ fans: “It was weird,” one fan said of Cyrus’ bird wings, black ribbon corset and heavy makeup. “I feel like she acts 25. She looks so old. She is too old for herself.”

This isn’t the first bout Cyrus has had with the public regarding her “sexy” image, she began speculation that she was growing up too fast during a Vanity Fair photo shoot two years ago where she “appeared” naked on the cover and the only thing covering her was a nude sheet. One thing is for sure, it is tricky for any teenage star to navigate the path to adulthood.

The New York Times article also mentions Britney Spears’ and Lindsay Lohan’s difficult transition from teen star to adulthood — and we both know how they turned out. Spears and Lohan appeared a lot older than their supposed age and both have had their share of bad press, although neither of them at 17 years old pole danced at the Teen Choice Awards in front of young fans.

One could argue that she’s just being Miley, but is she going too far for someone who can’t even vote yet? Is Cyrus exposing too much and making herself look older than she really is? Are we being too harsh on a girl who is just trying to figure out who she is?

As for her makeup, she’s gone from a wholesome “young girl” look to someone who really looks like she wants a role in a reality TV show. Tell us, what message do you think Cyrus is sending to her fans?

Allison McKenna