Celeb Beauty Trend: The Lady Gaga Eye Effect: How to Achieve this Look Using Makeup, instead of Contact Lenses

It’s no secret that many have gone gaga for Gaga. So much so that the latest trend from the superstar singer are the big doe or anime eyes that she sports in her music video for “Bad Romance.”

If you see past the dancers in latex and lace, Lady Gaga bats her borderline cartoonish eyes at the world in the scene with her in the bathtub. Although her look in the video was mainly computer generated, Gaga is not the first pop star to debut “Gaga Eyes.” The circle lenses are hugely popular with Korean pop stars and now, more Americans are eyeing the trend.

Gaga, always one for controversy, has started a trend that is illegal in the U.S. The circle lenses needed to create the doe eyed “Gaga Eyes” are deemed unsafe and harmful to your eyes if obtained without a prescription. According to CBS News, the circle lenses are not FDA approved, and so far no U.S. manufacturer is making them. Most lenses are manufactured in Asia, purchased online and are widely advertised on Facebook. The article states, “Doctors worry the lack of quality control, as with any lens, could result in more eye infections, damage to the cornea, even loss of vision.”

Fortunately, this trend has also sparked healthier alternatives to the circle lenses including makeup tips to achieve Lady Gaga’s look in her music video.

Makeup artist and Lancôme spokesperson, Michelle Phan, suggests to first applying multiple layers of false eyelashes to begin your Gaga eye transformation. Four pairs of false lashes on each eye will help you achieve the optimal look-follow directions accordingly.

Next, apply black liquid eye liner. Phan uses Lancôme Art Liner in her tutorial to line the empty spaces around the lashes where the false lashes are sparse. She also uses the liquid liner to line above the lashes for more definition.

To further enhance your “Bad Romance” look, apply purple eye shadow, Phan uses Urban Decay’s “Last Call.” Apply the eye shadow along the crease of the eyes using a windshield wiper motion to create the illusion of larger eyes. Next, to make your eyes pop you will need to apply white shimmery eye shadow to the center of your lids-also apply to your brow bone to highlight. You will also want to brighten the inner corners of your eyes using the white shimmer eye shadow to make them appear larger.

Next, use white eyeliner; Phan uses the Sephora brand. First line your waterline with the white eye liner to help exaggerate the look. Then, using white cream base eyeliner, extend your waterline down onto your bottom lid. Keep in mind you’ll want to draw the line thicker at the outer corner and thinner at the inner corners. The false eye lashes you applied earlier can act as a guideline for applying the white eye liner.

Next, apply the purple eye shadow used on the crease of your lid underneath the white eyeliner; this will create shadows to create a realistic, 3-dimensional look. Lastly, apply smaller false lashes underneath the purple eye shadow (not your bottom lid).

In the end, Phan ultimately uses the circle lenses to enhance the Lady Gaga look even more.

To achieve the complete Bad Romance look, watch Phan’s video.

Allison McKenna

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