Celeb & Style Files: Get Reese Witherspoon's Look

America’s sweetheart, mother and starlet is passionate, compelling, persuasive.

With a new movie coming out, “How Do You Know?,” Reese is soon to be hitting the movie premiere circuit and I am excited to see what she shows up in.

Looking through pictures of Reese you can definitely see her evolve from the girl next door into a star in her own right. That may explain her receiving the 2,425th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame last week. Yes a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame accredits her acting ability but I would give her a star for her fashion ability, as well. Reese never fails to keep it classy, all the while with an added sex appeal. Not to mention the make-up she wears to make her baby blues pop.

Get the look: Remember less is not always necessarily more, well when it comes to clothing that is (make-up is a whole other story). Men like mystery; pick your best asset, whether it be your legs or your back, and display them like you would your favorite piece of jewelry. Reese has an amazing body and likes to show off her curves in body hugging dresses. Knowing her best asset, Reese tends to wear a décolleté neckline, but never revealing too much cleavage!

To receive her star, Reese wore a black and red polka-dotted dress paired with red open toed pumps. I like how she accented the red dots with the red shoes. (Side-note: Make sure your shoes are not slipping off. In some pictures it looks like Reese’s shoes are too big but it might be because they are open toed and her feet are sliding to the front) If you want to find a beautiful and affordable dress I would highly recommend Asos.com. The holidays are in full swing and with New Year’s Eve right around the corner our closets can use some new friends.

When Reese is on the red carpet her eyes are usually the showstopper, you can see them from a mile away. Reese applies a smokey eye; there is a general misconception that a smokey eye can only be black and gray. This is not true because they can be any color but Reese generally sticks to neutral colors in the bronze family. Start by applying a primer to the eyelid to prevent shadow creasing and prolong the wear. The worst is when your shadow travels to the crease. I recommend MAC’s paintpot …a little can go a long way! Then it is time for shadow, I absolutely adore Dior’s 5 Couleurs in Sunset Café.

Using the lighter gold color on the lid and concentrating on the outer corner with the olive color. By concentrating on the outer corner, you are adding the smokey effect. Take the residue on the brush and sweep under the lower lash line. We cannot forget a bold line on the upper lash-line. I have fell hard in love with Laura Mercier’s Caviar Eyeliner in black. Show some love to your lashes by adding several coats of mascara.

Nicole Iannitti, EyeLoveCosmetics.com

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