Celebrity Gossip: Five Anti-Aging Skincare Secrets - Snake Venom, Placenta, Bird Poop Facials And Creams

Celebrity Gossip: Five Anti-Aging Skincare Secrets -- Snake Venom Cream, Placenta Facials And More!

With paparazzi lurking around every corner, celebrities do all they can to look good. They pay big bucks for beauty treatments, work out at the best gyms and hire personal chefs to cook nutritious meals – but are all their beauty secrets this normal? Of course not!

Here are five bizarre anti-aging secrets revealed:

Snake Venom Face Cream

Chemical peels can reduce lines and wrinkles, but it seems this is too conventional for some. Stars are now controlling their wrinkles with snake venom and are using this poison to freeze their face. Debra Messing – well-known for her role on Will & Grace – is thought to be a fan and the Duchess of Cambridge is said to have had a bee venom facial before her wedding day.

Placenta Facials

That’s right! The rich and famous are using placenta-based face creams to improve their looks. In fact, Hollywood hotties such as Eva Longoria and Katie Holmes are thought to be fans – so, what does this secret ingredient do? Well, the afterbirth of sheep, pigs, cows (and even humans) is rich in nutrients and is thought to stimulate collagen production – keeping the skin looking young.

Bird Poo Face Cream

If hearsay is to be believed, stars including Victoria Beckham and Tom Cruise use bird feces to improve their looks. As if that wasn’t weird enough, the excrement has to come from a nightingale, as the poop from this creature makes a perfect cleanser. This may seem completely off-the-wall, but Japanese monks and geisha girls have been using it for centuries – so perhaps there is a method to their madness?

Olive Oil Moisturizer

Do you suffer from cracked, dry hands? If so, why not use olive oil as a moisturizer – just like Julia Roberts? According to Glamour Magazine, the Pretty Woman star soaks her hands in this natural oil in a bid to improve her cuticles and nails. This may sound strange, but olive oil has been used as a moisturizer and sun cream for many years (particularly in Mediterranean countries), so it’s worth a try, right?

Celebrity Gossip: Five Anti-Aging Skincare Secrets -- Snake Venom Cream, Placenta Facials And More!

Eva Longoria

Hemorrhoid Cream

Ever wondered how Sandra Bullock looks so good for her age? Well the Miss Congeniality actress is believed to use hemorrhoid cream on her face. This product is thought to reduce puffiness underneath the eyes and is popular in Tinseltown. Before heading to your nearest pharmacy, however, remember that the skin underneath your eyes is very delicate, so it’s wise to speak to your doctor first.

Bee Venom

From the Duchess of Cambridge to the U.K.’s Made in Chelsea Millie Mackintosh, more and more people are having bee venom facials. The venom is believed to take control of the muscles in your face and reduce lines and wrinkles, which can help you to look younger than you really are. We’ve heard of people having the odd lip injection here and there to get the bee stung lip look, but these facials take the idea of honey to the next level.

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