Preview: Chanel Birthday Launches: Poudre 19 Poudre Fragrance and Les Jeans de Chanel Nail Lacquer Collection

To celebrate the iconic Gabrielle Chanel’s birthday (today), the House of Chanel has launched a new fragrance, Poudre No. 19, which is sure to be a classic. The house has also launched three new nail lacquers called Les Jeans de Chanel (the jeans of Chanel), sure to be its avant-garde blues statement.

Poudre No. 19 Chanel

Poudre No. 19

Chanel was born under the sign of Leo — the lion. She describes herself as exactly like the lion– she will protect herself from aggression, but as she said, “but believe me, it is harder for me to lash out at someone than to have someone lash out at me.” Known for her iconic fragrance, Chanel No. 5 (the most profitable perfume accident in history), Gabrielle Chanel knew about the power of the nose.

Poudre No. 19 pays homage to her birthday, and in numerology, 19 is composed of the first digit, 1, and the last digit, 9, of the series of numbers. The combination of 1, the first, and 9, the last, is a form of perfection and peace. Therefore, the fragrance lives up to its destiny: a fragrance of perfection. In numerology, once again, 19 is 1+9 = 10, which is reduced to 1+0. Therefore, 19 is reduced to 1. 1 is associated with the Sun. This is the ultimate creative and innovative number. 19 is also the sun card in the Tarot. A happy coincidence: the astrological sign of Mademoiselle Chanel is Leo… and the sun is the dominant star of the Leo sign.

The bottle is understated and a simple square. There are black and white legendary codes and a silver trim. The essence of Chanel is understated elegance.

No. 19 was created in 1970 and is a bold fragrance with daring crisp green notes and powdery iris. The top notes are grasse neroli, mandarin orange; the middle notes are Jasmine Absolute and Iris Pallida, and the base notes are White Musk, Haitian Vetiver and Tonka Bean.

The fragrance retails for $85 at and luxury retailers.

Les Jeans de Chanel Nail Lacquer Collection

Remember that Chanel was an avante garde woman, and she would have appreciated the classy blues in the Les Jeans de Chanel nail lacquer collection. The preview will debut during Fashion’s Night Out on September 8th and on

Les Jeans de Chanel Nail Lacquer Collection

The shades – Blue Rebel, Blue Boy and Coco Blue are the first items we will purchase during Fashion’s Night Out — no others will do. I’m not sure if Chanel was inspired by the marvelous M.A.C. Jeanius collection that debuted earlier in 2011, but Biker Blue (a blue black base with purple and blue pearl) looks similar to Blue Rebel — except the Chanel version is a true blue –there’s nothing purple or pearl about this one.

This collection was created by Peter Phillips who was inspired by the quintessence of casual chic: denim. A gradation of three shades, the colours range from deep to medium to very pale blue, evocative of the different styles and shades of one of the world’s largest wardrobe staples.

Get ready for this trio to be sold out…no question!

Are you impressed with these two new Chanel launches? Leave us a comment below and tell us your thoughts.

Charu Suri

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