Christian Lacroix's "Absynthe" Fragrance for Avon

There’s a new Oriental green scent in town. Christian Lacroix’s new Absynthe fragrance for Avon is both sexy and spicy, but it’s not subtle!

Top notes: absinthe extract, golden freesia, green anise

Middle notes: orchid, saffron, narcissus nectar

Base notes: antique wood, ebony must, myrrh and amber

This scent follows the hot heels of the successful Christian Lacroix Rouge and Christian Lacroix Noir but also marries escapism and allure. I’d wear this scent if I wanted to captivate a man at a dinner date (yes, it combines mystery, ingenue, sex in one green glass bottle).

Lacroix says: Absinthe, a mesmerizing potion known as the green fairy, is still one of the world’s most seductive mysteries. It’s rich, mystical color reminds me of the citrine and topaz gemstoes found on exotic embroideries—a great inspiration to my fashion and newest fragrance.

Retails for only $32 at