Cindy Barshop (a RHNYC): Completely Bare Expert on Vajazzling, Hair Removal, and the Jersey Shore

I’m sure you’ve heard of the term vajazzling. Right? It’s a specific procedure coined by the famous Cindy Barshop who is a hair removal expert, and someone who’s pretty much seen it all **down there**.

We gals all have hairy situations, right? I mean, who goes to the beach thinking that her Central Park is all perfect and perky? And we know how hairy it can be for a gal to brave it to a salon to get a Bikini Wax. So we chatted up Cindy Barshop, founder of the famous Completely Bare Salon in New York City, which is so popular for laser procedures for men and women that you’ll be hard-pressed to book an appointment with Cindy herself.

Cindy Barshop: Completely Bare Expert on Vajazzling, Hair Removal, and the Jersey Shore

Her clients have included Snooki, the cast of The situation Room and several other celebrities. Cindy will be answering your questions on’s Facebook page LIVE at 1:00pm EST TODAY, so don’t forget to tune in….scroll down below for your chance to win a great prize from Cindy! Oh, and check out our Q&A below!

BeautyStat: What made you start Completely Bare?

Cindy Barshop: I was an entrepreneur at heart and was looking to start a new business and I saw a need in the market place for hair removal in a setting that was less medical. I was probably one of the first to open a medispa on Madison Avenue that specializes in laser hair removal.

BeautyStat: Be completely honest here: does the first time hurt?

Cindy Barshop: For me yes, the joke is the people who are paying for it say it doesn’t hurt and the people who are getting it gratis say it hurts. There are a few factors that make a laser hurt, one is the machine, two is the technician, three are the settings they use and fourth is the type of hair and skin color you have. At Completely Bare we know how to set the laser so it least painful. Do you put ice on it immediately afterward? No, there are certain lasers that require that, but not the lasers we use What are your tips for Bikini Virgins? Start off simple with a basic bikini wax which is just the two side panels and go to a place where you feel comfortable and the technicians are experienced.

Cindy Barshop: Completely Bare Expert on Vajazzling, Hair Removal, and the Jersey Shore

Cindy Barshop and the guys from "The Jersey Shore"

BeautyStat: What spurred you to do Vajazzling?

Cindy Barshop: Ten years ago, a Grammy award winner wanted to do something special for her soon to be husband and we created a crystal design for her bikini area, it looked so great we thought other clients would be interested.

BeautyStat: Does it sell out big time during Valentine’s Day?

Cindy Barshop: I see a small spike during Valentine’s Day but most people tend do it for their own personal special events.

Cindy Barshop: Completely Bare Expert on Vajazzling, Hair Removal, and the Jersey Shore

BeautyStat: Which celebs have you vajazzled? Any anecdotes you can share?

Cindy Barshop: I can say a lot but I won’t divulge their personal information. Regarding anecdotes, my clients will remain nameless but we did do a custom design vajazzle for a group of celebrity friends who were going to a pool party where they knew skinny dipping was an option.

We are giving readers a FREE Vajazzling / Laser Removal gift certificate (you choose whichever option you’re comfortable with) to Cindy’s Completely Bare Salon. All you have to do is either leave a comment below, or enter your question on BeautyStat’s Facebook page (remember that Cindy will be there at 1:00pm EST TODAY). We’ll pick a winner within a week.

Good luck, stay beautiful and look better naked!

Charu Suri

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Cindy Barshop joins the cast of the Real Housewives of New York City (RHNYC) next season…stay tuned!