Clean to the Core: Cor Silver Soap

Who would have thought a little sliver of soap could contain such power? When we got our paws on a sample of Cor Silver Soap, our first response was “Where’s the rest of it?” The small soap bar resembles a thin, clear disk, and if it’s dropped in the shower, can be a little bit difficult to find. However, what’s inside this petite bar is rather powerful.


Cor is composed of actual nano-silver components, which help to prevent skin from aging and assists in resisting the harmful radicals from everyday life, such as dirt and pollution. Also, silver components possess powerful healing properties that help skin resist and recover from everyday abuse. Cor separates itself from the floral soaps that border on olfactory overload with a plain yet refreshing scent that isn’t too powerful for your face and body. Even better, it leaves the face feeling refreshed and ready to start your day. If you’re willing to spend a pretty penny to reduce the effects of aging, Cor is a great purchase for both men and women.

Silver is also considered a very effective acne fighter. The natural estrogenic properties of these molecules have been known to help rejuvenate the skin and minimize the appearance of wrinkles.

A 10 gram sample of Cor retails for $14 and a full size disc goes for $125. For more information, visit