Cleanup Soap Cleanses the World of Landmines

While many of us in America may feel that the concept of landmines is an exotic and distant worry, it’s a threat in over 80 countries. The creator of the “Cleanup” soap is Parsons The New School of Design graduate Hideaki Matsui, who executed this concept for his college senior thesis.

The soap itself is in the shape of a landmine, and the concept is ingenious: serving as a poetic metaphor to cleanse the world of landmines. Matsui says, “As the soap disappears, so do the landmines.” Fittingly enough, the soap is made up of only natural ingredients and comes in Coconut and Rosemary Mint.

Sure, this sounds nice, but how does this fancy theory translate into reality? The concept of Cleanup was embraced by the Milano The New School of for Management and Urban Policy and proceeds of the soap go toward landmine cleanup and survivor assistance.

$2.00 from the $8.00 suggested retail price of each bar is donated to The Cambodia Landmine Museum, located outside of Siem Reap.

The soaps are available online at