Clinique Youth Surge Night Age Deceleration Night Moisturizer

When you go to sleep at night, chances are that a lot of gadgets are doing work for you: the thermostat, the radiator, the air conditioner and the humidifier, for instance. Your alarm clock purrs in the morning, and perhaps your automatic bread machine has baked a hearty loaf during the night when you set the timer.

Clinique’s new Youth Surge Night Age Deceleration Night Moisturizer is definitely not a gadget, but it too works during the off-peak hours. With a proprietary to Clinique complex using Sirtuin technology, this moisturizer aims to expand the lifespan of skin and restore youth to the skin.

Clinique Youth Surge Night Time Age Deceleration Moisturizer

The unique molecule has isoniacinamide (optimizes skin’s repairing functions) and Micrococcus Lystate (enhances skin’s ability to combat daytime damage). It also has an amino acid Hydroxyproline, a protein builder.

This is a moisturizer you want to use to transition from your day time, protect your face from the sun with SPF mode to a reparation stage. It also contains powerful antioxidants including Japanese Knotweed, Mulberry Root Extract, Vitamin E and Vitamin C.

Our take? The moisturizer is thick but not greasy in texture, and it made our skin look slightly more luminous and thoroughly hydrated the morning after. We’ve been using it for over a week and see a difference in fine lines, pores and skin texture. But above all, the hydration level has been superb, and during the colder months when our skin starts to dehydrate, every drop of moisture helps.

There are three skin-typed formulas of the Youth Surge Night Age Decelerating Night Moisturizer:

Very Dry to Dry

Dry Combination

Combination Oily to Oily

Priced at $48.50 this cream is on counters and online now. Is your skin thirsty?