Colour Me Vegan: Pureology's Colour Stylist Haircare Line Debuts & Review

Vegan beauty products used to hide in the farthest corner of independent health food stores; now they’re de rigueur in the beauty marketplace. Pureology brings a little planet-friendly love to color-treated hair with their new Colour Stylist line that consists of six products, the Cuticle Polisher, a Shine Serum; the Nourishing Nectar, a gel; the Fortifying Heat Spray, a Primer; the AntiSplit Blowdry; a Styling Cream for heat styling; the Silk Bodifier, a mousse; and to finish it all off, the Strengthening Control, a hairspray.

All of these products use Pureology’s Strengthening AntiFade Complex with Keravis, a plant protein that coddles fragile dyed hair. I can’t speak to the color-preserving properties of the line as I don’t dye my hair, but each product pulls its weight and does its own job reasonably well. I particularly liked the Cuticle Polisher and the AntiSplit Blowdry. The olive oil in the products is nothing new, but the unexpected coriander and camelina oil promotes shine, with an added hit of orange oil to hydrate. It’s full-on winter and I couldn’t get enough of the combo of serum and cream to keep my hair shiny and soft, with no standard cold-weather static. If only eating vegan were this easy . . .

Go to to locate salons that care Pureology products.

Katharine McKenzie

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