Coppertone's NutraShield Dual Defense Sunscreen

Let’s face it, we want our sunscreen to be like Fort Knox: impenetrable and invaluable.

Coppertone’s new NutraShield Dual Defense sunscreen uses antioxidants that don’t sour under UV rays. So it actually nourishes and heals your skin while you are frying on the beach or the outdoors.

Coppertone NutraShield Dual Defense

Studies have shown that not all antioxidants are created equal (UV ray exposure creates harmful free radicals). According to several independent studies, UV radiation can actually cause an adverse reaction with certain topical antioxidants (including those commonly found in many face creams) and actually turn them into damaging pro-oxidants.

Yikes and super yikes!

Luckily this new lotion uses antioxidants that do their job without getting fired even in the presence of UV rays. So this actually heals your skin while you sunbathe. How about that?

I was pleased with the non greasy texture of this suncreen (and the fragrance is practically non existant). I’d bet my money on this sunscreen when I’m outdoors this summer.

NutraShield Dual Defense is available at drugstores nationwide.