CoverGirl Teams with Pat McGrath to Create 24 New Lipstick Shades Review

CoverGirl’s Queen Collection lipsticks got a much needed and well deserved re-launch with the help of legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath. With all due honesty, the collection really needed this re-launch and these new formulations have set the bar for drugstore lipsticks which demonstrate variety and quality at budget friendly prices.

The new colors can fulfill every girl’s dream. Rather you like browns and nudes, corals and reds, wine and berries and no matter the finish… CoverGirl has you covered (no pun intended). From the eight that I’ve swatched and worn, the consistency is the same across the board and you can expect them to last 2-3 hours or longer if you wear a lip liner. The only small issue with these lip colors for some may be the scent. It’s the nostalgic CoverGirl scent: sweet and a little waxy. Most girls say they love it and even though I’m not a fan, it’s not off-putting by any means.

Burgundelicious: a gorgeous velvety burgundy with burgundy shimmer. Yay! Finally a nice wearable burgundy with some POW to it! I can’t wait to throw a gloss over this color to really make it pop.

Fine Wine: a classic everyday deep purple/ wine. This is a little too dark for me but I can work with it and use it for those pinks I have that aren’t really appropriate for this season.

Rush: a pretty warm (red/ dark orange) brown. I didn’t think I’d be able to wear this color but it’s pretty and nice for fall. Not sure why but this color isn’t listed on the new releases but it’s a new color. They may have changed the name and this is the updated name. I’ll update this post when I get word back on this one.

See Red: a warm (orange) vibrant red. If you own a mid-tone or dark red or even a burgundy lip liner you can work the heck out of this color if you feel that it’s too bright. I actually love this color. I’m usually afraid of warm reds and I am inching my way into orange lip color for spring 2011 so this is a great start in that direction.

These lipsticks won’t hit the shelves until January 2011, and each one is $6.50.

Krissy Reed,

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