Crazy Beauty Cosmetic Trends of 2011 Chronicles: Temporary Lip Tattoos

We’ve seen some pretty bizarre trends over the years: the bird poop facial, placenta found in hair care products and snake oil soap. But I think this one might just top the list: the art of lip tattoos.

Crazy Beauty Cosmetic Trends of 2011 Chronicles: Temporary Lip Tattoos

It’s just too gross and a bit graphic to put in print, but Lip Tattoos are obviously permanent. The trend du jour is to get a word…maybe a phrase tattooed on the the fleshy inner part of your lower lip. To us, it’s perplexing. Why tattoo a place no one would ever look at except you? And why subject yourself to that level of pain that tattooing can bring? It’s definitely where the sun doesn’t shine.

Temporary Lip Tattoo

But, in this world of topsy-turvy trends and Swedish Fish and Chia Pets, there is a silver lining to this rainbow. The company, Violent Lips, is giving you the option to purchase temporary lip tattoos. There’s also a video tutorial on how to apply these lip tattoos that come in bright, distinct and unmistakeable prints from The Pink Polka to The Rainbow.

Animal prints not your thing? You might like the gold glittery version. Not into rainbows? Try the red fishnet pattern. We think it definitely borders on the eyebrow raising experience but you might dig it. They retail for $14.95 a piece.

Trashy or flashy? You decide.

The application process looks very simple (wet and apply) but takes some steady handwork and some skills. You’ve got to peel the clear film from the tattoo, press the tattoos on your lips and then use some moistening agent (we prefer damp cotton balls or tissues) to dab onto the lips, so that the adhesive sets. Then you peel to reveal the pattern on your lips.

Ideally, you’d do well not to smile or grin too much because the pattern will crack.

Are you sold on the idea of turning your lips into rock star status? Why or why not?

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– Charu Suri

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