Dentisse Toothpaste Review: Sex up your Smile

“Always smile, for you never know who is falling in love with it.”

– Anonymous

If there is one beauty regime I cannot live without, it’s clean teeth. That sparkle that smiles back at you once you have brushed away the plaque, food, and germs that lie within is something I obsess over. And that feeling of smoothness as your tongue brushes against your teeth; well, it doesn’t get much sexier than that!

However, all this appealing teeth talk disappears when unnecessary chemicals from ordinary toothpastes come into play. According to, some of the ingredients found in a tube of Crest Whitening plus Scope are linked to cancer and developmental/reproductive toxicity…gross!

Enter Dentisse Natural Reflection Toothpaste.

This unique toothpaste, found at, is the natural solution to clean and pearly whites. Dentisse contains natural white kaolin clay that acts as a cleaning and shining agent. When I used the paste on my electric toothbrush, I did not have any abrasion or roughness on my gums. My teeth felt slick and clean to the bite! The natural peppermint oil was a nice touch for lasting, fresh breath without all the chemicals.

I used this toothpaste for two weeks straight, and I noticed whiter, more radiant teeth. Bentonite, the second natural clay ingredient used in Dentisse, gave the toothpaste its creamy texture, making it superior to the bland, no foam “natural” pastes out there. Now my grin won’t lie…it’s a little more than the average toothpaste at $16.99 a tube. But who can put a price on a naturally gorgeous smile?

Tell us, since beauty is so clearly linked to a white smile, what is your favorite brushing algorithm to a gorgeous smile?

TessMarie Golcher

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