Dermalogica's New Daylight Defense Kit: Travel Ready SPF

Ah, summer! This is truly the season when three-month long vacations become reality, and families book trips together in order to bond. It’s a time when the sun, with its rich and delicious golden fingers, is most likely to cause havoc on your pretty face.

Yes, you’ve heard the statistics, no doubt, that skin cancer rates are increasing. Despite the myths and controversies surrounding sun protection and skin cancer (until more conclusive studies come out, we’re burying those myths under our pillows), we are firm advocates of sunscreen.

One of the handiest travel kits we’ve seen this year is Dermalogica’s new Daylight Defense Kit. This kit contains major SPF (in the 20 and 30 variety) with antioxidants C and E with sunscreens that ward off the Dark Sith effects of UV rays and free radicals. The kit contains a Solar Defense Booster, a MultiVitamin BodyBlock, a Solar Shield and an After Sun Repair.

The kit contains Smart Booster Technology (think of it as exceptionally high SPF IQ in a kit) that gives your skin serious protection while enriching it with nutrients and vitamins. Best of all, it’s pretty inexpensive ($35). Have a blast in the sun!

Charu Suri