Desert Organics Goes Coconut: New Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner

Ah, the powers of the coconut are a beautiful thing. I remember this fruit so well while growing up in India, since my backyard was teeming with coconut trees. Often, on trips to neighboring temples, we would stop to get fresh coconut on the side of the road and drink its cool refreshing water.

Desert Organics COconut Shampoo

I recently was introduced to Desert Organics’ new moisturizing shampoo and conditioner (a gift), which was a very welcome introduction during the dry winter months. The coconut shampoo brings back shine and health to damaged hair, and color treated hair using organic coconut oil.

The aim of the conditioner is to smooth frizzy hair and flyaways and to maintain the natural shine of the hair. Used in tandem with the coconut shampoo which is suitable for very dry hair.

My take? I really loved the smell, which was a faint tinge of the tropics and brought back a wash of childhood memories. The shampoo and conditioner did what I expected them to, and my hair ended up being really hydrated. Did I have to use a frizz-tamer at the end of it? Yes, I did, but chalk that up to my unruly hair during the winter months.

I think pretty much everyone has to use styling products because shampoos and conditioners can’t give your hair the heft that it needs to be completely pin straight.

Currently, this shampoo/ conditioner duo is 25% off online. Now go coconuts on it!