Do Beauty Products Expire? How To Extend The Shelf Life Of Your Makeup

Do Beauty Products Expire? How To Extend The Shelf Life Of Your Makeup

With all that makeup we’ve accumulated through the years, don’t we want to make them last as long as possible? Of course we do. Read on to find out some simple ways to keep your favorite products looking and performing their best! All makeup should be stored in a dry, cold climate and — as a general tip — it is best to try and keep as much of your makeup in its original box or packaging, just as you would do with storing your shoes in their boxes. This will prevent any sunlight, heat and air exposure. Also, be gentle and handle your makeup with care. Make sure your products are properly tightened and sealed, just as you bought them, especially eyeshadows, powder products and foundations — just tossing them into a drawer will possibly break and crack the compact powders.

How To Extend The Life Of Your Eyeliner And Lip Liner Pencils

Instead of throwing them away, there is a very easy way to repair this problem. First, clean the top with alcohol and a tissue to prevent any buildup of bacteria, then sharpen the pencil and apply a very tiny bit of Vaseline or olive oil to the tip of the pencil, coating it very lightly and gently rubbing it back and forth on your skin (top of hand or arm) to get the product and substance to work together and warm it up, making it more creamy. This instantly softens the pencil and brings it back to life. No more tugging on your eyelids or mouth, or creating uneven, staggered lines. It is a quick and easy way of restoring your pencils. They will glide on smoothly and you can do it in a cinch.

How To Extend The Life Of Your Lipsticks

Lipsticks should always be stored in a dark, dry, cold place. Storing them in the refrigerator will help them last longer, especially if you don’t wear the same lipstick everyday and switch often as most people do from season to season. This will keep them from melting and retain the formula of the lipstick.

Do Beauty Products Expire? How To Extend The Shelf Life Of Your Makeup

How To Extend The Life Of Your Eyeshadows

Eyeshadows often tend to dry and crack if they aren’t being used on a weekly or monthly basis. You might have a shadow you haven’t used in a year or two and suddenly realize that it is cracked, dried and chipped; not smooth enough to glide and brush over your lids. One way to continue to use your shadow, if it’s a darker shade, as you would choose any other eyeliner shade, is to create another use for it such as applying a bit of water to a thin, flat brush and dipping it into the shadow, using it as a liner instead. The water will enhance the pigment once again. With your eyeliner brush, go in between the lashes as a filler to your lash line or as a regular liner above and below both lids.

How To Extend The Life Of Your Mascara

Mascara is the most often complained about product when it comes to its longevity, as it tends to dry out very quickly. It is the first cosmetic item to throw out from your makeup collection and really should be for risk of contamination; your eyes are super-sensitive and attract the most bacteria. Most people have several mascaras. By sticking to one or two, if you apply two different ones in your daily application, or use one for daytime and one at nighttime, stick to this regimen with that exact mascara everyday. Do not switch them back and forth, using one mascara one day and another on the next.

You will get the most out of this product by applying it whenever you are wearing it, and switching different mascaras will only shorten the shelf life of them. Also, pumping the wand in and out of the tube is what people more often do. This actually adds to drying out your mascara, as it is being exposed to more air. Take the wand out as few times as possible, and if that means applying two coats it’s better to do this than pushing it in and out of the tube. Also, mascara tends to form a ring around the outside of the tube, so make sure you clean around the outside where the wand and tube meet, this will secure it properly and tighten it.

Do Beauty Products Expire? How To Extend The Shelf Life Of Your Makeup

How To Extend The Life Of Your Foundation

Foundation life depends on if it is oil- or water-based. This will determine how long it will last. Both should be stored in a cool place, such as the refrigerator or a cool place. Oil-based products will last a bit longer as they contain oil, which naturally lasts longer. You will notice the foundation and oil will separate, just as oil and vinegar do, but, they can be shaken up and you’re back in business! Water-based products tend to break down more quickly because of the natural water evaporation that occurs. One trick to prolong the life of it is to add a few drops of alcohol-free toner, which you can find at any drugstore, and shake it up. This is also something you will most likely be using on a daily basis, so try not to switch foundations on and off and use one often, as this also applies to concealers, whether they are in cream or liquid form. Use the same ones everyday until you run out. Then you can go for a new, fresh one.

It’s best to test all of these tricks out on your forearm first before applying to the face to see how much extra ingredients you have added. A certain mixture that you create will be different for everyone and for each product. Not all foundations or eyeliners will need as much toner, Vaseline, etc., so formulate a mixture best suited for each individual product and for each skin skin type that will affect them differently.

So, will anyone be trying out some of these tips to make your cosmetics last? Do you have any tips and tricks of your own? Let us know and comment below!

– Dawn DeSantis, beauty expert and editorial makeup artist, Dawn DeSantis (

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