Do Nails Age? How To Care For Your Nails To Keep Them Strong And Healthy - Best Strengthening Products

Do Nails Age? How To Care For Your Nails To Keep Them Strong And Healthy - Best Products

We are always concerned about our aging skin, but have you ever thought of aging nails? The look of your nails can say a lot about your age. As you age, the moisture and natural oils going to the nail bed declines. This results in dry, brittle nails. Nails begin to fray on the edges, becoming brittle and eventually the layers split. Natural oils on our nail plate can also dry out if we use harsh chemicals or have our hands frequently dipped in water.

What are the signs of nail aging? First of all, they grow slower and may become dull and brittle. Nail tips may fragment by splitting vertically or splitting — lengthwise ridges may develop. The American Academy of Dermatology states that as a person ages, nails thicken and become more susceptible to fungal infections; ingrown toenails are also very common as well as nails becoming yellowed or opaque. Well, if you have any of these signs, don’t worry. We suggest some of these simple tips that you can do at home to keep your nails looking youthful!

1. Stick to the common saying ‘You are what you eat’

– Nail growth needs considerable protein synthesis. So, a diet with adequate protein benefits the health of the nail. Yes, good nutrition that includes vitamins, minerals and dairy will give you healthy nails no matter your age.

2. Change some of your nail care habits like clipping and filing

– Dry nails can make the splits even worse
– You should gently buff the nail edges
– Always wear gloves when cleaning with harsh chemicals
– Nail hardeners make the nails worse because the alcohol and formaldehyde in them dry out your natural oils.

3. Find nail care products that contain jojoba oil and vitamin E

– Jojoba oil is a very tiny molecule that can easily penetrate the layers of the nail plate. It then can pull the larger vitamin E molecule in to the nail plates.
– Vitamin E is best to fight free radicals that are a major culprit even for nail aging
– Oils or ointments are the best; the aim is to use a product that stays put for a while

Do Nails Age? How To Care For Your Nails To Keep Them Strong And Healthy - Best Products

– Use hand care or nail care products right after showering or washing your hands. Do it as often as possible. Our best choice is Dermelect Cosmeceuticals ME Peptide-Infused Nail Color ($14.00). The star ingredient in the range is a protein peptide extracted from New Zealand sheep’s wool, which is utilized for bone grafts and skin adhesives in the medical arena. It’s a material similar to bones and fingernails. The first coat bonds to the nail while the second fuses to the base coat to create a flexible web of color. The result is fast-drying color said to last between seven and fourteen days, as well as improving the condition of the new nail growing in. Isn’t that great?

To achieve healthy and younger looking nails, follow these simple steps and your fingers and toes will be good to go! So ladies, ready to rock your digits this summer! What do you do to keep your nails looking in tip-top shape?

– Upasana Sahu, cosmetic chemist

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